Answer please.?

ok. So after 5 years of keeping the secret that I am suicidal I finally describe my mom and she doesn't take me seriously even though she saw that my arms be cut up. She is ( or was) my only trusted now what?

you should probably catch some help, guy. save you can just meditate and guess happy thoughts, or something.
step to another adult, mentor, counselor or call 1-800-SUICIDE
Now you phone the local mental health center and net an appointment. They will take you seriously and minister to you.
it hurts when someone who is supposed to love you has a unloving recoil. please do not do anything to make her believe. you did a dutiful thing turning here. you can enjoy a honest, caring support group. you should tell to someone in character though. teacher. doctor. other own flesh and blood member. or even e-mail me.

only just don't give up
Listen please I hold lost several friends to this and it hurts everyone. I know people that be cutters they just did it not to murder themselves. If u are really in have need of u should go to someone, call for a help row, go to the ER and let somebody know them and they can help u dont look at this as a fix to a problem. If your mom doesnt believe u find assist in some course by one of things listed above. Im sure nearby are people that fastidiousness and anyone that answers u on here is willing to oblige u. Good Luck
I think you should consult a Dr and ask for any local support groups expecially for kids contained by your age bracket, in this group you may find someone to lean on and serve each other through it.

Sorry but i really dont reason your mother deserves you if she cant be there for you or even perceive this herself than its time you take control of your own go and sort help.

My own mother tried to exterminate herself a few yrs back but she be lucky enough to enjoy the support of the whole family unit to help her recuperate, but even we werent enough she needed to wish professional help and it took a few previously she found someone that she was comfortable next to. thats whats important.

Check your local phone book or even academy for help except google support groups there are some online lately make sure u own somewhere to talk and quality appreciated.

You have made the first step surrounded by asking for help im so sorry that it be ignored please put together the 2nd one to seek facilitate and learn from it and minister to others. take what have happened beside you for the rest of your life so that when u enjoy kids u always listen to them.

flawless luck
See suicidal thoughts, depression, and self harm, at on pages 5, 2, and 4.
Please get an appointment with your medical doctor.Your Doctor will listen to you and recommend someone to cooperate to about this incredibly serious problem.
Good luck, I care.
I devise you should go counseling. The counseling relatives out there are trusted.
Talk to someone, i know how you surface. ive never cutted ebfroe but i HAD a cousin that cut, keyword is HAD. i want to share thhsiw ith you is becasue he had died. He other used the same blade thing and have some of his friends do it to, never wash it, cut wiht it wiht food to. he nneeded backing, i never knew almost this until abot a week befroe he had paassed. He died from infection, i dont ewant anyone dieing form that when they can procure help and sucseed.This is what you do, put a rubberband on your wrist.And devise about someone you absoltuely love the greatest being in the world. Well when you obtain the urge to cut think of them how they want you to stop after snap it. jsut try it. i know its not the same as adjectives but you need relieve, i believe you cna over come this ****.

best of luck/

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