Anxiety, panicy or do i own depersonalization disorder? seriously i involve leading lend a hand! im totally freaking out!

recently i own been have theses focal panic attacks and i have an idea that im depressed because sometimes im just heartbreaking and i cry for no reason...and i own no appetite sometimes and it all started after i smoked weed and almost a month and a half ago and okay since then i enjoy been hunch different like if im not really grotesque cause the entity is that after i smoked the weed i was terrifyed and paranoid it be a horrible trip and i think it trigger a small crust of depersonalization disorder but im so scared most of the yime and im within a somewhat constant dream like state not adjectives the time cause i know im not contained by a dream...but i dunno what this is if its just anxiety and madness if the drug messed me up permanatley or depersonalization..and im scared how do i treaty with this...and whats wrong next to me?(i oonly had be smoking for about 4 months approaching 3 times a months maybe 4) im simply 15 and the dotores told me it was simply anxiety and panic and the weed be outta my system

i know its hard to do, but relax. you are fine. it is probably nonspecific anxiety. you are scared to grain the way you did when you freaked out so you are worrying and making your self own these symptoms. go see a shrink. you will be fine.
Marijuana can make you temporarily paranoid and panicky, but it does not and have never caused a psychological disorder similar to that! Even those studies that link marijuana to an kick-off of schizophrenia do not take into vindication that a lot of individuals self medicate and in the precipitate stages of schizophrenia a person is purely about sane ample not to tell a soul how crazy they are!

Your doctors are right. The drugs are out of your system. What is scheduled to you is not drug related! (and it's not nuts to not enjoy smoking pot, plenty of individuals get too anxious when they smoke to savour it)

Worrying about going crazy is pretty common beside anxiety and panic. You're focusing on depersonalization disorder, you don't own it. It barely even exists among experts. Feeling a bit out of it or far away is factor of panic and anxiety. Get yourself into some sort of psychiatric therapy to help you treat this problem. If your problem is so severe that you can't travel to school, possibly your doctors will put you on medication. Good luck!
STOP SMOKING WEED!!!. It causes several mental illnesses. Stop since you regret it!
please see a doctor. especially if you're freaking out. you are young too, and youthful years is one of the most drastic changing years of natural life. you could look around on the internet and research yourself. some sites have questioneers that can lend a hand you figure out the problem, basically be honest.
i know pot can fry your brain, but that's the long term effect. i've hear acid can effect your mind forever, but never hear of pot doing this. i'm going to guess that you are fine, but if it's causing you stress, please desire help
Some females that develop frenzy attacks start getting them at around age 14. Please look at the website below and see if these are you symptoms. Tell a parent, clergy or other adult how you are sense and that you need medical attention. Good luck to you.
I know of a suitcase, where a soul smoked weed and it was laze with PCP (Angel-dust) the creature suffered a break down and was hospitalized. Please don't use anything at adjectives, be good to yourself. Pray to God to abet you and speak with your university counselor or Pastor. Hope you will feel better soon.
While undetectable, it is stored contained by your body fat, and have caused change in the pathway in your brain, which will appropriate a while to recover from. See nouns, and anxiety treatments, at on page 8, and 6. Practise looking at your hands, minus judging, frequently, surrounded by private, until feeling better, and admiration this as only transient.
The pot is out of your system!! It was exceedingly smart of you to stop when you did! I don't think that you hold a serious problem, that you cant fix with for a time reading, and knowledge beneath your belt. You are probably just react to being paranoid just about being caught smoking surrounded by the first place. Is your feeling of depression why you smoked surrounded by the first place? If you are feeling depressed in that are a ton of great resources out there for you. Please want help your too childish to have to verbs this much. I think that at hand is more to this story, I've been contained by your shoes. Talk to someone there are usually teen hot-lines down in the phone book, these individuals can often minister to you find the best resources for you and are totally confidential!! Good Luck! Be safe and smart.

Search teen depression resources for more back!!
It sounds like you have a bad trip, it made you paranoid and it cause your first panic attack. And you're still have them. Pot caused my first madness attack and I've heard of it doing it to others. One guy thought he be brain damaged after smoking his first shared and having a impossible trip. But sounds like what you're have now are call 'feelings of unreality'. They are very adjectives with anxiety attacks. You're not lastingly damaged.
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