How long does it help yourself to race to acquire their memory backbone after they've be surrounded by a coma?

my best friend was within a hockey game and he get rammed by 2 other players, be knocked out cold, broke 4 ribs, have a concussion and has be asleep for the past 3 days...he merely woke up this morning and dosen't remember anything but his family.

Actually Dan H, I would guess every sentence you wrote is an assumption, except hopefully not the later one. Full disclosure might better include why you feel so valid coming to a category you don't frequent and being hostile.

Jennifer, contained by my career as a neurologist, most infantile men I saw with the scope of trauma you describe had plentifully of memory back within a week or less, though not for a time of time around the injury, which can be a permanent loss. Of course it can give somebody a lift a lot longer.
He may not ever remember the disaster and it all depends on the entity and the injury itself to when he will regain his long term memory. I hope he feel better.
sometimes take months, sometimes take years. I went into a coma, later began have seizures, adjectives I remember are friends, family, and the unpromising things that have happen in my energy. I still forget somethings. People will tell me things that happen a month ago and I have already forgotten it. My coma be 11yrs. ago. I remember this because it was three days after the birth of my second child.
Full disclosure disclaimer:
Nobody here have an MD after his name. You are asking for medical guidance from amateurs and volunteers. even a doctor who is a specialist and examined the patient will quibble his opinions because he simply cannot know. The most accurate response here would be surrounded by the range of "Your mileage may ebb and flow."

Some jackals are going to give you smart@s answers here. Disregard them.

I hope that your friend recover soon.
It takes a different amount of time depending on the character and the nature of the injury. Be tolerant with him. Look for more info lower than traumatic brain injury also refered to as TBI.

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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