Anxiety sucks lol?

ok this i what happened apparently i get an anxiety attack at school , it simply came on for no motivation i guess, i got really sick a couple weeks earlier that with the stomach flu and i guess i be afraid i was gonna throw up. Well anyway apparently it be just that. but im 13 and this is pissing me past its sell-by date its like wtf. I basically wanna get this over near any tips cause this is of late wierd as hell.

Anxiety is not the best thing within the world, and coming from someone who has have it, the last entity you want is for it to be an ongoing thing. Throwing up have always be my biggest fear since I be young and I can remember after i recovered from a horrible satchel of the flu one time I would constantly work my self up thinking that I would catch the sickness again. You may not know how to control your anxiety attacks but the best thing to do is to not go and get yourself worked up. Try to relax and think of things that comfort you. My doctor told me that once you seize over a flu like sickness your body's immune system become much stronger and every time I started to feel anxiety in the order of getting sick I would try to calm myself down by thinking just about what he had said. Just remember that anxiety is adjectives in your manager and as soon as you realize that there are worse things within life than throwing up, you should be allot better. Give it some time and you will most probable grow out of the phase.
You have the power over your mind.if you vote the truth.I had a virus very soon it's over and I can move on, that's exactly what will start.
dont worry what others have an idea that,be yourself

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