Am I psychic or basically plain psyhco?

I have these strange derams at dark like i have a dream that my sister slept over my house an we were lying up contained by my bedroom with the lights bad and she freaked out and started screaming so I turned on the light and she be crying and had cut into march resembling mabe about 10-20 scratch and every other night i enjoy this dream and each time i enjoy it it acually goes further along into the dream and I dont know what to do CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME?

Hi in attendance,

Are you stressed or distressed in any track? Do you have any type of over-anxious disposition ? Are you filled beside fear or dread over any soul, situation, or object/thing?

If you've answered yes to all three of these question you may have an anxiety disorder or experiencing some symptoms of excessive anxiey. This simple method that some aspects of your neurological integrity are being compromised.

It also may connote absolutely nil from a clinical perspective but simply that you may be worrying and experiencing situational anxiety which is well in the normal dominion.

Watch these dreams for about 1-2 weeks and if you see any abnormal stir, feeling extra on edge or fearful, or depressed or if you note any correct or mood swings (feeling extremely low or high) or any other scary or unusual thoughts please see your GP (General Practioner/doctor) as soon as possible.

I am an academic social psychologist, counsellor and Christian and I hope and pray that what you are experiencing is zilch serious. If it is, this is not the end of the world and you will procure better with appropriate treatment. This system likely psychotherapy and meds for some time, but let us not draw from ahead of ourselves. Step 1 is to speak with your doctor and house or close confidant if you see no improvement within what you've shared here.

Best Regards and good luck.
Write it down. I believe in attendance are dream therapists, or something close to that. That, or warm milk back I sleep helped me near sleepwalking/bad dreams.
You are psycho.

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