Agoraphobia and social indemnity?

I haven't left my house surrounded by so long and I feel really guilty for mooching sour of my parents, and I know they aren't going to be around to take protection of me forever.

So I guess my question is can you win social security for one an Agoraphobic, and if so... does anyone know what the process is like to apply for social financial guarantee?

It's a pain contained by the *** and they deny many relations. Almost eveyrone that I know that has tried have been denied. My Father n' directive has epilepsy and is on meds day by day for it and they denied him...
Dear Chris..very, remarkably difficult. I was trapped within my home for about two years and be unable to collect social surety. I even had a doctor who wrote to them something like my condition. It seemed as tho' they only didn't believe it. I guess I got the second laugh because I finally get the help I needed and very soon I am back stronger than ever. I newly wish I have found a therapist who implied agoraphobia and how devastating it is to have those mode of panic attacks that would craft me a virtual prisoner in my own home. With medication and counseling I be able to scheme out (successfully) after about two months of treatment. I live surrounded by Texas and I just get back from a short road trip that I took down to Mexico. I own never enjoyed existence more than I do now that my anxiety have been treated properly. I know exactly what you are going through.I own been in attendance. I was dependent on other general public to shop for me and do a lot of things I couldn't do because of my fears. Most ethnic group don't understand what an agoraphobic go through. They say things approaching "That's crazy" or "get over it". I other used to wish that some of them would experience a nouns attack so they would know how painful it be. If you need to chitchat to anyone about this please have a feeling free to email me or send me a message. I preference the very best for you and hope that some hours of daylight you can venture out of the shade the way that I did. best wishes
Get the book "Social Security Disability" from Nolo Press, at, or see if you can carry it at your library (maybe even through an interlibrary loan?) It will give you seriously of background on how to apply, what criteria are used, and how to riddle out the forms.

You have to be profoundly disabled to acquire disability, and if you are relatively young and cultured, it will be harder. But if you really can't hold down a job, and you can document that, you should seize it eventually. You will almost certainly be rejected the first time, conceivably the second too, and the process takes awhile, so somehow you own to manage your finances within the meantime. I'm not sure agoraphobia is considered disabling enough on its own to qualify, and you don't speak whether or not you have tried extensive counseling and some medication to deal near it.

Keep in mind that once you travel on disability, you will never get bad of it, no one does. You will be surrounded by poverty the rest of your life unless you marry out of it or a miracle cures you. The ways the rules are kind you dependent on the system, so keep that contained by mind when you are deciding if you want to do this. A lot of populace have no choice, because they can't work at adjectives, or they can't keep a undertaking with insurance to go and get their pills. but it's still humiliating in America to own no job-people always ask when you are person introduced,"Oh hello, what do YOU do for a living?" which ends up being a particularly nosy cross-examine without implication to. If you can get supportive relieve from social services (in my state, they will pay for support groups and a social worker to call round and help beside paperwork) or tweak your meds some more, or from a local consumer group (google the words consumer, mental, and your state. Consumer=person getting mental health services) after maybe you won't enjoy to go on disability. In my state, you cannot draw from a social worker for agoraphobia, only for main depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or borderline.

I'm on SSA myself, and need the Medicare, so I'm not mortal judgmental, I just want you to know what you're getting into. For me, nearby was no other channel. I know a lot of populace in matching boat. Get the book I recommended, it will give you adjectives the legal and inside information to see if you qualify.

All the best to you! I hope you hope medical attention soon! If you are in a trunk city, you can probably find a counselor who will come to your home, or else you will hold to suck it up and get out at hand to a fairly local one.
So tolerate me just clarify here. Instead of mooching stale your parents you want to mooch off everyone paying taxes contained by this country for a while? One way or another your parents are still paying for you to do zilch. How about you receive some help and become a productive contestant of society?

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