Am I depressed?

I am going through one of the hardest times of my life right in a minute. My mom is bipolar and has spiraled raging and refuses to bring meds or get give a hand. This all started 4 months ago while I be very pregnant. My husband and I did everything we could to serve her. We decided to distance ourselves from her to self preserve. Once she get the help she requirements we will gladly response her back. I hold since had my 2nd child and own not spoken to my mom in okay over 1.5 months.

I seem to be extraordinarily sad adjectives the time & cry daily. I am depressed b/c she is missing out on her grandchildren and don't understand how she could do this in a minute. This situation is on my mind all the time. I in recent times want to live my life, soak up my family, and be lively again. The only entry that makes me positive these days are my kids. We enjoy spoken to a family consultant a few times, but it hasn't done anything for me.

Do you think this is depression or simply a lousy life occurance? Any thinking on how to cope ?

When you have depression you're usually distressed but you don't know why. Of course thats not always the bag. but i think that it a short time ago happens youve run into a bump doing a tour. i think you want to stop focusing on how she is missing out on her grandchildren and you need to start focusing on how you are beside your kids and happy and lucky to hold a family.
You are creating the doomed to failure situation for yourself. Let your mom do her thing and don't verbs about what she is missing out on. You obligation to worry roughly your kids and being the best mom you can be to them. Why verbs about something you can't money, accept it for what it is. Would you really want your kids to be around your mom within her condition anyway??
I think the situation you are contained by with your mother is making you depressed , which is regular because you love your mother and it hurts you to see her like that . Well if it make you feel better by the nouns of communication with your mom try calling her once a week when you discern you are up to it . Or you can drop her a note letting her know you still love her and want her to gain some help , and you can transport her pictures of the grandchildren . You didn't indicate whether or not your mother is a threat to herself or others . Call someone with the city or county mental strength agency in your nouns and get some nouns advice on what to do near your mother . And don't forget last but not most minuscule PRAYER , its a fine time to ask god for help and guidance and for restorative in your mothers mind . GOD BLESS
It is justly common for a woman to experience depression for awhile shortly after childbirth. It is largely due to the fluctuating hormones occurring at that time, and emotion overwhelmed with the extra mommy-duties can make it worse. Concern in the order of your mother, and missing her, adds to your stress and logically could make it worse all the same. I suggest seeing a psychiatrist for an evaluation (and possibly getting meds) if it continues (a therapist who is not an MD can't prescribe meds).

In the meantime, how roughly this? Could you write your mother a letter and explain how you be aware of about loss of contact next to her, how much you miss her, wanting your children to get to know her, your concern something like her health, how much better she'll discern if she follows doctors' orders? And convey her a picture of your children. That might be what it takes to win her back on track. She probably is desperate about not anyone in touch, too.

It is terrifically difficult for some people (like your mother) to grant that they need drugs within order to "be normal". Also, lots people on meds for bipolar disorder hold a hard time getting the correct dosage of the correct drug -- and that may be why she's reluctant to run her medicine. Perhaps she wishes to visit her doctor again, or see a current doctor.

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