About St John's wort?

(Hypericum perforatum). Is it true that St John's wort works well against depression?

I've hear that St. John's Wort is somewhat effective for mild depression, but I would picture that nothing is significant with everyone. Everyone is different. It is best to consult a psychiatrist. The psychiatrists I know will also recommend St. John's Wort if they believe it will help.
It is said to be efficient - but it interferes with other medication (including birth control pills and some cancer treatments). So make sure you settle with your doctor if you are taking other meds
There's closely of controversy about the use of St. John's Wort within the use of depression, especially on how it compares to the SSRI's. Take a look at this article below as it may clear up some of your questions and concerns:

Yep it can if your depression's due to dopamine underproduction.
I used it a long time ago. It did a short time ago put me in a bit bit better of a mood. It wasn't anything too powerful, I was only in for a time bit higher spirits. May be worth a try. I be taking a ginko biloba/ginseng mix for a while, that gave a stronger hunch. Higher spirits, and your memory! Random things I forgot about popped rear legs into my mind when taking these. lol good luck
from adjectives i have read on it st.john's wort is not approved by the FDA, you should not thieve it if you are currently on an anti-depressant, those are the bad things just about it, the positive side is its all intuitive, no side effects i know of and it can be used as a temporary fix for only depression not bi-polar or severe depression
yah it does i used it for a while

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