Any tips on dealing with the heat when you're on lithium?

I'm taking 600 mg of lithium a day (along with 125 mg lamictal) and I am really getting dizzy and ill in the heat. I like to garden and I have a large rural property with lots of chores and so I need to go out in the heat. I know there must be some bipolar athletes out there who have figured out some tips!

Here is what I do:

I drink a LOT of water
I douse my head with water
Take air conditioning breaks when I can (another property doesnt have air)
Stay inside on the very hottest days (over about 85 fareignheit)
work in the morning and evening.

I have to wear bug spray much of the time, which puts on a coating of oil and makes me hotter. My vehicle does not have AC and I can't afford a new one until it fails. Sometimes it seems like if I eat something salty it helps? Is there some lithium sodium balance messed up?

Any extra tips would be great! Thanks, all of you!!

Sorry, I'm not good with the suggestions. I completely understand, my meds mess with my internal cooling system. Try taking an ice pack with you or a frozen bottle of water.

Eating some salt might help because it helps your electrolyte balance (like Powerade or Gatorade).

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