Any tips for how to stop re-reading so much??

I always find that I re-read parts of a book a million times until I quality like I hold "read it perfectly." And if I don't do that, I have a feeling like I didn't really read the book. But it drives me insane because of how long it take for me to read a book. I'm trying to work on this, but does anyone have any tips on how I can stop trying to read so "perfectly" and basically relax?? Thanks.

recognizing that you do it is partly the battle- the other half is to a short time ago discipline yourself to not let yourself progress back but a short time ago keep going, even if you be aware of like you didn't win it all... once you go and get through a paragraph, stop, don't go rear and read again, but ask yourself what was that paragraph almost, and get it solid within your mind... then basically continue on to the subsequent paragraph.
I think that it is a great positive to reread to grasp the full intent of the text. Probably better to read smaller quantity pages and fathom out than more pages and not become conscious. Take your time, enjoy.
In the ruin, it's what you take away from the book, not how promptly you read it.
If it is a good book, or a accurate book, the writer may have designed it to be read several times to receive the full gist.

Most books are not designed this way though. Just average naff journalism within a hard cover.

I would not read this more than once. If you hold on to on reading it over and over and over again ..
It sounds like OCD perfectionism. I used to do this, too, and I am such an either/or, "adjectives or nothing" person that the solitary way I could stop be to either start reading at the fund until I got interested, consequently go to the front and skim through, or only page through until something caught my interest and go from within. This requires a deliberate choice to do something mistakenly, but it also saves time and mental struggle.

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