Is it possible to stop the brain to surmise, except during sleep.?

I don't "Think" so. Not in the conscious state anyway.
it sometime happen and is called BLACKOUT,wherein u lately go blank for a brief length
Yes, those masters who are enlightened can stop thinking and be in present.
Maybe it depends on your definition of 'think'.

My brain think while I sleep ;)
The brain is always thinking -- as long as you're alive.
Is your brain to some extent stopped now, given the process you formed that question?

Anyway, not that I would ever smoke a methamphetamine, but when I pretend to smoke crank, it clears my brain out. I own obsessive compulsive disorder and my brain is other going crazy with thoughts, but rather smoke is all it take - the brain clears out, and I am awesome. Saw a doctor once - he prescribed amphetamines for me, which was of late like allowed speed, stating that I had ADHD <it worked, so conceivably I did>. Did this answer your question? You class of lost me.
moses d. when u are sleepin your on concussness. but when sleepin the brain dream and some time somepeople dount. remember there dream and also when you dream some time it is so prompt your dream of quite like mad of driffient thing. but when you sleep the brain is still is contained by workin etc. and also the rest of the body the body is a wounderfull thing that is to say why every one should honour one body and also honour the one that had produce it, however i know that it grow but that is basically brillient. thank mother father god. etc
During sleeping also, your brain will keep functioning, brain stops function with the sole purpose when it looses oxygen supply.

He he... may be when you see your girl friend.

When brain activity stops, a entity is considered dead.

This is a final audition performed, when available to avow a person live or motionless.

This does not mean that you cannot run down the amount of activities by meditation and other methods.
if that's possible, that itself is hell...

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