Anxiety and frenzy..and depersonalization??

recently i own been have theses foremost panic attacks and i deduce im depressed because sometimes im just despondent and i cry for no reason...and i own no appetite sometimes and it all started after i smoked weed and give or take a few a month and a half ago and very well since then i enjoy been thought different like if im not really chance cause the item is that after i smoked the weed i was terrifyed and paranoid it be a horrible trip and i think it trigger a small travel case of depersonalization disorder but im so scared most of the yime and im surrounded by a somewhat constant dream like state not adjectives the time cause i know im not within a dream...but i dunno what this is if its just anxiety and madness if the drug messed me up permanatley or depersonalization..and im scared how do i promise with this...and whats wrong near me?(i oonly had be smoking for about 4 months resembling 3 times a months maybe 4) im singular 15 and the dotores told me it was lately anxiety and panic and the weed be outta my system

Oh be quiet and listen. The doctors said the weed be out of your system but the chemicals were still in that from before. It be an overload of depression chemicals in the fluid around your lower brain is adjectives. All the wires run through the medulla and it aint supposed to access them. Just get rid of your bleak expectations for life and love and you will return to commonplace.
Smitty---your a drug addict--get used to that way of vivacity. Talk to some of he homeless on the street and they will tell the same--

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within is this guide by anxiety expert Joe Barry , he has skilled thousands of people to be madness free without any medication using a revolutionary latest technique, , its really a great guide , it should help you carry rid of panic attacks forever contained by a few days
Hope this helps you and yearning you the best of health

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