Anxiety Medication... anyone beside experience?

My entire life i own dealt next to really shy.. but ive alway been hesistant to bring it up to the doctor or build an appointment for it b/c i dont want people thinking im merely doing it for the drugs or something! Problem is... im not depressed or anything.. i love my life. so counseling isnt an issue.. i truly of late think i probalby own social anxiety disorder.

heres some examples:
1) At work i get really fretful to answer the phone to customers all the time b/c im alarmed co-workers are overhearing the convo and will judge what i say aloud

2) I get extremely extremely tense meeting infirm friends from my past... something that should be a really amusing experience makes me so tense for the days leading up to it

3) Meeting exotic people is my worse nightmare.. i jsut prefer to be alone and not sort new friends... i know.. that sounds ghastly!

has anyone deal with anxiety since? How did you bring it up to your doctor? Did medication help?

It DOES nouns like you own some anxiety issues. Please don't be afraid to tell the doctor, he will give a hand you either beside medication or counseling. I have a loved ones member beside anxiety issues so I completely understand! My own flesh and blood member is on medication and it have helped them wonderfully, so endow with it a shot! Good Luck!
counseling is not just for depression..yes you can achieve on meds for anxiety but something is causing you to be bothered and until you figure out what it is and work on it you will be plaqued by you should acquire on meds to help beside the symptons and then budge to counseling to find out what is causing it
I've deal with anxiety for years and it finally get better when I told my doctor about it and he put me on medication for it. It have helped tremendously. I can relax and I can concentrate on what I necessitate to during the day and I'm competent to sleep better than I have contained by a long time. Just tell your doctor what you've told us and he'll know how to take it from at hand. If you aren't seeing a therapist he/she might suggest that you consider going to see one. Some times it's better if you combine both therapy together. Talk and medicine, it's be what's helped me the most.
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Lexapro have been proven to be an successful treatment for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)An overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear normally accompanied by physical symptoms such as tautness, sweating, or increased pulse rate. Anxiety symptoms are commonly associated with depression.. In clinical studies, Lexapro significantly reduced the symptom of anxiety for oodles patients beginning at week 1 or 2 (full antianxiety effect may transport 4 to 6 weeks).3

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