Does this Senior Citizen inevitability to be put on medication?

She has lately become very in words combative, has mood swings sunshine to day, smokes excessivly, and have become anti- social to the point where she despises her neighbors and have faught with them for pulling surrounded by her driveway in demand to turn around. Mind you this woman is 60 not 90 and still has her vivacity ahead of her, does she need to be brought to a doctor?

Yes she desires to be taken to a doctor..
Someone needs to be beside her, to describe to the doctor what you have described here..
directly / because /it / is a change / within her / mental status/ you / will /need /to go /with her / because /she / will /no doubt / deny / everything /good luck
I'm not sure medication would serve her at 60, try a firm slap upside her haid, that should do the trick ricky tick.
Sounds like clinical depression to me. Yes, I would encourge her to speak to her doctor.

Oh, and by the agency - being 60 does not fashion one a senior citizen.
Just sounds like this woman is plain ole unhappy..and perchance lonely? Sounds like she's depressed and anger keep it masked. If your'e her neighbor, try a little charity..a wave probably, a smile, a batch of homemade cookies.

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