Antidepressant You Can Recommend?

Depression runs in my father's side of the loved ones and I have be trying to find an antidepressant that works best for me.

If you've found success next to one, please let me know. I know a co-worker suggested one that begin with an "L" and I dream up is like 3 syllables that works for him but I forgot to write it down.

Paxil doesn't work for me and I realize it's an individual item as far as chemical reaction but I would still be interested contained by hearing from others who enjoy experienced success next to their antidepressant medication. TIA

Its pointless asking this because if you ask 10 different people you will take 10 different replies!!

ALL ADs on the market enjoy a certain nouns rate. You have to try them and find one which works for you.. Its not something someone else can recommend. Some those get side effects from a drug that someone else doesn't go and get side effects from.

One will work well for one individual, but not on another. You need to achieve your Dr to recommend one... and if it doesn't work for you, he/she can then suggest a different one.
Well I would want advice from a doctor, tolerate them recommend the medication based on you. I've hear that cymbalta works very resourcefully for certain population, but your doc will have to determine if you're a fitting candidate for that.
You probably propose Lorazepam. It should be used as required for quick fixes single. It works real nippy but is highly addictive.

As you articulate, its a highly individual piece and even when you find one that works, they seem to lose their usefulness over time.

Welbutrin has worked ably.
i have used paxil and didnt similar to it...turned me into a totally different person. which i guess is the point of it...but i didnt similar to it.
LEXIPRO?? it's a really good antidepressent. But you may own to experiment like a lab rat for awhile. I like Lexipro, but Paxil works best for me. Some like prozac, but it made me see shadows and grain too dizzy.

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