I am suffering anxiety, frenzy, nervy, everytime when I rouse up 3am I can't sleep I pray and pray but I can't

calm down my mind.. I dont know why.. my mind is other thinking in things other hurt me.. I can't explain but nothing works for me I appropriate pills for it I try to do excercise but nothing works for me basically I get on bed next my nervous start to surface in my foot and my heart beat so prompt

Try to find something that takes your mind stale of things, relaxation techniques, taking a shower, soothing music(nature next to instruments) can be quite sedative, herbs approaching lavender have a soothing effect on the brain, read a book. The worst item to do is stay in bed when this happen to you, get up, trying to engender yourself sleep is just going to aggrevate the anxiety, want councilling, it can help identify whats really bothering you and they can hand over you tools to help contract with it, it does outdo, believe me, hope you feel better soon =)
a short time ago give it to God it sounds resembling you are having anxiety attacks run to a dr for meds if you think you entail to - hugs i have be there
Three suggestions: 1. you really call for to hook up with a apposite therapist. 2. you really want to slow down and think more or less what you are typing. 3. use spell check.
Pills do not address the cause but individual attempt to supress the symptoms. See site below for natural relieve for anxiety/panic.
First things first, stop taking the pills without any medical consultation. It seem you suffer from insomnia. The causes can be plentiful - depression, anxiety, etc. And you don't eliminate to some extent aggravate insomnia if you exercise just past sleep. Instead, focus on doing exercise during the day, avoid caffeine intake past sleep and develop a routine such as taking a bath or listen to music at bedtime. If your lack of sleep is affecting your day-to-day actrivities, you might inevitability a short-acting tranquilizer such as Zolpidem. But don't take lacking prescription.
You said you take pills, what type of pills? Who prescribed them and for what? If they are not a professional to be precise in the area of psychology I strongly suggest you seek out a counselor and discuss how you are opinion.

Anxiety is from past traumas, usually, and can be successfully deal with surrounded by talk psychoanalysis unless they are severe and sometimes require meds for a short period of time.

Seek out a moral counselor that has experience dealing beside anxiety SUCCESSFULLY and do your homework. By that I mean, you inevitability to journal and write down things that you get the impression when you are in the midst of an attack and later tell yourself how they are not commonsensical. There are many other mind tricks your counselor can speak about you about. You can also read almost these things too yourself.

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