A.d.d.? do i hold it?

i can't still still in class. I can't stay contained by a seat. I receive bored easily. Low attention span. I own zero tolerance for anything. i write and type realllllyyyy vigorous. I devour candy really fast. my friends speak a.d.d. idk.

yes you might or might not have it.you will hold to do some tests beside your doctor to determine that.Nobody can actually answer that lacking tests.Good luck.
my son have adhd and he had like symptoms
it sounds like you enjoy a.d. h. d which means your are tremendously
hyper and need to dance to a psychiatrist for help contained by order to control this disorder.
It could be ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), fairly than ADD... you would need a psychiatrist to diagnose you correctly, and you should probably chronicle your mood change and symptoms for a week.

That could be the manic part of manic depression (bipolar disorder) as ably. Sometimes manic phases can last for weeks, months or even years followed by a crash that have the symptoms of lethargy, depression, sluggishness, sad/angry feelings, nouns, pessimism, lack of vivacity and change within appetite.
What you describe could be anything from add to hypoglycemia. or depression. i mention the hypoglycemia because 1) i own it and it can cause the symptoms you describe if your sugar is low. and 2) your devouring candy really rapid could be trying to up your levels. this is a problem contained by that it makes you sugar level go up and down really briskly and depression follows the lows.

i suggest you talk to your doctor something like this. i dont think the vigorous typoing has anything to do near anything.
You said I can,t sit still in class . conclusion - Hyper
You said I can,t stay surrounded by a seat . again - Hyper
You said , Low attention Span . This is Attention Deficit Disorder or A.D.D.
And adjectives that Candy don,t help , except to make available you a sugar high which you markedly don,t need !!

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