After you stopped taking Wellbutrin... how long past your sex drive come stern?

For those who felt their sex drive be affected, unsurprisingly.

when you take most anti-depressants one of the biggest complaints folks say is they totally lose thier sex drive or it isnt as stong as it be before the med. usually inside a week your sex drive will start to return untill it is fully restored in something like 4 weeks i took depekote once and when i went stale it for that reason my sex drive returned contained by 2 days. there are also some associates who ask thier dr. to reduce the dose hoping this will help out and in some cases it usually does the trick. which ever method you choose, upright luck to you
Approximately one week. My g/f it took 5 days.
Wellbutrin is used for quitting smoking and as an anti-depressant. It is one of the least of anti-depressant medication that effects sex drive. Speak with your doctor, you might want to try Effexor. It have a dopamine/epinephrine ingredient. The epinephrine part of the drug works as a stimulant. Most anti-depressants WILL effect sexual stamina, ceremony and can cause dysfunction. If you are taking wellbutrin, try the XR, you might not own the decreased sex drive since it's long pun intended.
everyone is different. so it may be 5 days for one party it could be 2 weeks for another.

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