One day, when I be twelve, someone touched me innappropriately, I didn't mind at first, but a couple of minutes later it feel wrong. After, I felt unexpected and ashamed because I didn't really do anything at first, I didn't even want the person to touch me resembling that in the commencing. I still don't feel comfortable around this personality anymore...Is this molestation, because I'm really confused? I've been blocking this memory out of my mind because it bothers me and I waste to believe it happened, but it did.

Answers:    Don't ask the guy..that's not cool...It's not your blemish at all & not every rude touch feels bleak that's what causes the shame, confusion & guilt. All your morale are normal for the situation that happen however you do need to speech to someone.because it will help.& once you win it out it loses it's power. It's like a worrisome movie that you see for the 1st's scary cuz you don't know what's going to take place, the music is's the not knowing.than you monitor the same fearsome movie 20 times it's no longer scary. Well same near talking to someone once you enlighten your story.& tell it as lots times as you have to it's no longer worrisome & you start to move forward form that awful thing that happen. You should be able to find your local rape crisis center contained by the phone book & you can call & tell to someone without giving your identify. Or (spelled raain or raiin) it will give you a local center or 800 #....rob care & agree to me know how it goes.
I would utter, based on the details that you've given, that this is sexual name-calling. I would talk to a counselor nearly it. It can help you work through it, and also relieve you figure out if this human being is dangerous to others.

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