Anxiety & Panic Attacks! Can Benadryl cure or relieve frenzy attacks and anxiety?

I have be doing research about what over the counter medication I could use for anxiety. And I have be coming across quite a few sites that mention benadryl to relieve anxiety and hysterics attacks, which I know are brought on by anxiety. I also called a local pharmacy, and the organize pharmacist's also mentioned that many folks use benadryl for anxiety and insomnia. I am unable to catch out and go see a doctor, and doctors here are unwilling to come to my home and serve me with this anxiety. Which I infer is bs.

But anyway, so I was freshly wanting input on what people on yahoo own to say going on for using benadryl for anxiety.

p.s. The pharmacist also mentioned trying Chlor-Trimeton.

Any thoughts, opinions and answers are response, especially from people who are taking benadryl for anxiety and/or nouns attacks.

It may help you as relations are so very different. A non over the counter medication approaching propanolol, an adrenalin blocker, may be more effective.

If you run a beta blocker, say 30 minutes since giving a speech, it will help block bad receptor sites that would normally adopt adrenalin and cause your heart to see, get you surrounded by that fight or flight mode.

In adjectives honesty, I have found little to no research on any OTC medication to help nouns attacks. I do know pracitce or "walking though fears" is the most effective remedy
I give somebody a lift benadryl for insomnia and the active ingredient within Bendadryl causes drowsiness and therefor if taken as a routing will form you drowsy and less feasible to be excitable and anxious. Good Luck.

As mentioned in the other answer, Benadryl can take home to tired and there for cause a calmness to come over you. But also it can enjoy the reverse effects and increase your anxiety. It all depends on how it react to your body chemistry.

Why are you unable to be in motion to the docs? a doc is the only one who can diagnose and treat anxiety. With out the proper treatment your anxiety can become worse. The appointment will individual take 15 minutes or so at the docs. I don`t know takinging a benadryl before you own to leave for the appointment as long as you are no the one driving.

Self medicating is never a dutiful idea for any over the counter or perscription meds, it can be harmful.

Be safe and be very well

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