Drug rehab programs?

Can you tell me if drug rehab programs are successful surrounded by the UK and what is the cost per week to the taxpayer or addict to receive treatment? I infer that the costs might be astronomical and unaffordable for your average person suffering from a drug addiction.

Hi Sanjuro,

I can't supply you a specific answer about the situation within the UK. However, I am almost certain that the treatment programs and methods available within Europe are very similar to those within the USA. The effectiveness past its sell-by date a program largely depends on their willingness to quit the mannerism and submit themselves to counseling.

You asked about costs, too. I work for some awfully luxurious rehab clinics in Florida and California (I added a relation to our centers below... take a look, you will see that this type of treatment is top-notch -- however, 90% of our patients have their medical insurance cover their rehab stay). The regular residential program last for 28 days. Just double-check your policy and if necessary modify your cover.
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