Am i the single one who feel this agency?

i dont know why.. i've always be so fascinated by peoples reactions.i resembling to be totally different in my mind than my reaction.for example.. if im hiding smoking and i hear my mom coming i wouldnt put it out.. i would drop it right there so that she could see it.. only so she would think that im dumb ample not to hide it, she would find out that i be smoking and she would think that i purely dropped it, when in truth, i just looked-for to see her reaction to it. I approaching to let empire believe certain things, virtuous or bad. Just so that inside i know they are adjectives wrong. I just crave the face people craft when they are so sure of themselves. Secretly they are soooo wrong and i am mocking them on the inside.

Does anyone do this, or feel such pleasure from those being wrong and not knowing?

is this a unnatural thing?

It's because these things are the one and only things you have total control over. You are creating an outcome where on earth you can't be hurt by a reaction you weren't expecting. So you do things you know will bring roughly a bad counterattack, because that is what you are most identifiable with.

I know because I used to do that. Home go wasn't very obedient for me, one day if I did something, adjectives was fine, the subsequent day, if I did duplicate I would be punished. Does this sound adapted? I'm just guessing, but, that's how it be for me.
thats funny. i should try that. :]]] might make me quality better when people other think they are better than me. hehe, appreciation. your a genius :]
Dude i will i had the guts to do that, i love that consciousness. But i don't go that far near it. But i always want to. man you are awesome!
that is to say not wierd--- just workaday manipulation by an unhappy being.

get psychotherapy. go and get help. if you fix what is wrong beside you, you will not need to consistency "such pleasure" by lying. you will have the craze to be kind.
i approaching to test the spontaneous effect of times people are so stupid...they believe what they see...they are the prisoners of their own mind...disappointingly!!
Personally, no I've never done that or felt that mode. But I've known a couple of individuals who were approaching you. Actually, I dated one.

The unfortunate entity is that you can cause deeply of hurt by being that agency. And while you do get away next to it some of the time, there are in fact times when people know you are fooling them but don't bother to show it, too. Like next to my ex bf, there be definitely times resembling that. It's a habit and a inevitability that can cause like mad of pain for the ancestors around you. You just own to ask yourself whether or not you want to be the cause of so much turmoil and stomach-ache in society who genuinely prudence for you. Also, since others do get the sense that they are one manipulated over time, relations who have customs like yours tend to finishing up alone and unhappy. Once someone realize that they're being lied to or manipulate (even if they only realize it element of the time), they will begin to distrust you adjectives the time and the relationship will break down.

There's nothing wrong beside being interested surrounded by human psychology (ie, "I wonder how someone would respond to this?") and there's nothing wrong beside wanting to stand out a little and be notice (ie, dying your hair bright red). But if it's a superiority point (like, you know you are better than them because you manipulated them into thinking something to be exact actually false), consequently yeah, I'd be concerned. Getting pleasure out of manipulating other empire isn't really very vigorous. It might be the type of thing you'd resembling to read about online, or address to a counselor about. If you can digit out the reason you inevitability to feel superior, that would be a upright thing.

Kudos to you, though, for recognize this about yourself and asking the cross-question "is this weird?" So much of readiness and personal growth is just going on for being likely to take an honest look at yourself and keeping an initiate mind if there's an area where on earth you need to grow or modification. I gotta say I respect you for self so honest about yourself!

Good luck!
No..its immaculately normal... U know what i did yesterday morning?? i undressed myself and departed my clothes outside my room..n lied down on my back on the bed, pretending to be asleep.our maid come and saw the dres and picked it up and came 2 put it contained by my room...n naturally saw me stark nude...and she even wave her soft hands on my thigh thinking me 2 b its completely normal...contained by fact vastly clever...carry on dear
Many relations feel that style and inferiority complex person also perceive that. It is a bad way and need to be return with rid out of. Friends can help you.
you definitely want/need attention.

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