All nighter...?

Any tips on pullin off an adjectives nighter? I dont wanna go to sleep cuz if I progress to sleep now im gonna rouse up at 2 and itll ruin my whole year..

seriously i don't ever go to sleep for the mistrust of waking up
postponed. I hate wake up late. It sucks. I'm pretty much nocturnal
so i am not tired during the darkness hours. Suggestions are: coffee, not energy drinks because you will crash and will tip out dead to the floor.. believe me. and taking a shower around 3 other wakes me up a bit. obedient luck!!
coffee &red bull
have coffee and stay here contained by YA, answer questions it will maintain u awake
Mountain Dew. Lots and lots of Mountain Dew. Christ, when that stuff hits you, you wanna go climb Mt. Everest, and afterwards see a movie.
Well this might be too late, but i have 2 friends over, one fell asleep and my other friend and i made food, and watched the word. By the time we were done it be already 6:00 AM and we had pulled an adjectives nighter. its a great feeling within the morning!!

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