Am i supposed to run everything for how it looks?

i have be told i show me feelings to glibly but i can't help can i in recent times take things how they are lacking being too electric about everything? sometimes its knotty for me to operate because of this...drs. try to get deeper and pick my mind roughly it...however there is zilch seriously wrong with loved ones and friends are great... i just am severely emotional and i can't abet it.. i guess i take things too much at facade value and consistency too much for things...what can i do about it? i can't really control it...if i have a feeling sad i cry..if i am at ease i business where i am.

Geez, I don't know. I once dated a guy similar to this. It was a serious issue next to me because I felt resembling the Man all the time. The tough one who be the shoulder to cry on...just didn't work out. I thought he be a wimp, didn't respect him.
Just live your life, you're special and don't consent to anyone change you.
Try not to thieve things to seriously, especially yourself. Lighten up on yourself, after all you may a moment ago be a sensitive person. Remember it take all kind to make the world stir round. You apparently went to see a professional and they even thought you be fine. So don't worry just about being so wild. At least your surrounded by touch with your ambience!
It takes greatly of self control but you can cover up the projection of your emotions. You will still consistency the emotion you would purely be holding back the crying and laughing. You could relate people that you have a brain injury and explain the crying or laughing that way... saw that it has cause these symptoms if it is embarrassing you. If it doesn't bother you next just tolerate people agreement with it as they please..
I'm like peas in a pod way. I wear my emotion on my sleeve is what people relay me. My boss told me I need to revise to be less excited and well It only just made me ticked off. Too discouraging I couldn't tell him where on earth to stick his too emotional. I surmise it is what makes me who I am. There are merely some people who are born to wear their heart on their sleeves and be what they are and feel. I dont suggest there is anything wrong beside that at all.
We ring up this emo or the start of depression. The upper brains don't want to erase anymore wrong beliefs because there is a spend foolishly chemical released into the spinal fluid and it then go to the auto brain or the lower brain that is responsible for the heart rate and breathing etc. It also can wreak you to cry to make a chemical to reverse the depression chemical. We can adjectives say yeah 'It be like that for me'. You are an outcast and will be so for the rest of your existence. It's not so bad cheer up. A spanking new friend will come along and tell you the social rules for greeting and interface. I would notify all I know because I repugnance the system and all the cruel things it does.
i would hold supposed that you had suffered all-the-time or some-time anxiety inside that you couldn't control yourself that you'd take things for how it i right at this point? might be hurt weakly in the recent past by someone or something else.and you unconsciously repressed the anger deep inside that it have lurked underneath.and the repression equally means the the ANXIETY inside is the key here...whip some anti-anxiety or anti-depressant prescribed by your doc would help lessen the anxiety as ably.
theres always gona b somethin at hand that will make u wana cry...take a while..but you just brush it sour if its not a constant hurt from someone.People tend to hurt you more when u show your weakness
People hold told me this about myself. It's not other a bad item. However, I'm learning give or take a few co dependency- I'm not saying you hold it. However, I am saying you should research it a moment or two. You may not be conscious of something being wrong. However, when you are that heated there IS A REASON. You should NOT hold your ambience in. This can/will lead to other problems. Read up on self control. I hope this helps.Also, things are not other what they seem to be. That may resourcefully be an understatement. GL

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