Any one else hold wildness?

I have a extreme Rage anyone know a honourable way to take in controll of it?

You necessitate to take an "anger management" course. If you don't someone is going to take hurt. Call your local library, ask for reference, and they'll bequeath you the details you need. You won't believe the correction in yourself after you bring this course. I know firsthand. Please call tomorrow. Thank you. :) And polite luck. You'll be in my prayers tonight.
check into the medication Depakote. It's utterly amazing how it works on fume.
I usually drink alot of alcohol. When I'm drunk I'm basically stale in a unharmed other world. I love being drunk.
u have need of to practise relaxation techniques, I can make out why u feel close to this, the stress just builds up bit by bit, u are doing the right things but find out roughly relaxation, e.g meditation go to the doc he will prob point u contained by the right direction, maybe supply u medication, and/or refer u to a specialist.
The Pathways to Peace Anger Management Workbook is highly successful. I found a copy at my local library.

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