Adderall?? How much does it cost :(?

How much a month would a script of adderall cost?

I have a horrible crust of ADHD and used to take adderall which imporved my existence and my grades at school drastically. But i merely moved out of my house to go to college and hold a small job that pays outstandingly little and have no medical benifits. So how much is a monthley supply of aderall beside out benifits?

i hope it not a lot );.

It depends on the dosage and what pharmacy you use. You can find out the cost simply by calling your local pharmacy.
To get your prescription, check to see if your college have a medical center. Sometimes, you can see a doctor for a low cost or free. The doctor may give you the prescription. If you do not enjoy a medical center or if the doctor won't give you the prescription, check the local phone book for a free clinic or community mental condition center. They will charge you on a sliding scale, so the lower your income, the cheaper your co-pay will be.
The maker of Adderall have a program that will reimburse for your entire prescription:
You have to cause less than $19,600 per year to qualify. You hold to print these forms and take them to the doctor near you. The doctor has to steep out some stuff on the forms.
a lot, for one month it cost me $440, but in that are cheaper medications available, I very soon take Dexedrine Spanusle. Pharmaceutical companies also usually enjoy programs for people that cannot afford their medication.

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