A interview roughly speaking full-size ADD. Could you please give support to me out?

My friend has developed ADD and she can no longer take the medication that she's on because of recurring side effects. Are there any vitamins or foods that she can drink to wake her up and back her focus all year at work without drugging herself next to rediculous prescription drugs? Please, real answers, I'm tired of mean mumbo jumbo.

I happen to love my concerta. It's made a world of difference for me, of late in helping me find my key every time I need them.

Ginseng is supposed to stimulate cognitive function. I other feel great when I help yourself to my Vitamin B complex.

http://www.flylady.net is a behavioral program for dealing beside ADD. It's not billed that way, but that's what it is. It's great.
There are no vitamins or diet change that will help her ADD. Studies own proven that.

She needs to bargain to her doctor about this and I to be sure hope she isnt taking herself off of her med's in need consulting with her doctor first.
The best foods are fresh vegs, meat and fruit.

Also I enjoy my son on 'Good Healths' ADD Childrens Neurological support.

A really great resourse I have used surrounded by relation to diet is alittle booklet called 'Salicylates, Amines and Glytamate' put out by Dept of Clinical Immunology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown, NSW. 2050, Australia. Look on smudge, I'm sure they can be contacted there.

This book explains what foods enjoy in them, and what is best for ADDers. I cogitate this is the best resourse for people who are looking to progress the natural opening. Good lick
If your friend needs wake up and has problems next to alertness,then I strongly recommend that she get a second opinion because when you hold "A D D" the chemicals created by the brain eg: Serotonin and Adrenaline must
be controlled by a class of drug that will limit the amounts produced, so if your friend has "A D D" she should own times where shes peak (possibly psychotic out bursts) and times where shes within a depressive state of mind.
which basically medium there should be 2 types of medication that your friend should be on, and fatefully side effects are pretty much gotta be expected So get another belief, I did it took me 4 doctors and a specialist to be sure.
Unfortunately survivors of any kind of mental infection must accept that other things surrounded by their lives ARE going to suffer
and works only one of them.
I strongly suggest you communicate her to get another belief.
If the next doctor agrees near the first diagnosis she Must continue to run the medication there are no substitutes Mental Illness is a serious condition and I know you enjoy your friends best interests at heart but that's why we have prescription drugs because near are no substitutes!
If you or your friend have any other question email me and will be more than happy to lend a hand if I can.

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