Am i skitzofrantic?

i cant talk to race unless they cant see me. i skateboard till my feet bleed. i listen to my music loud so i dont hear the voice, but sometimes i can still hear them, and the voices preserve tlsaking to me and when i get a girlfreind, it doesnt closing more than 3 days

First I'll summarize your symptoms.
1. It sounds as though you have a difficult time discussion face-to-face with society, which is basically newly social anxiety. If you are young, this will probably advance with age and experience. Some people's personality are just more shy than others, and explicitly okay. If you find that this is very troubling to you, near are many forms of agree and group therapy that can sustain people beside interpersonal communcation skills.
2. Skateboarding until your feet bleed is only an overuse injury, and possibly, poor fitting shoes. It's okay to have a feeling or outlet that consumes hours of your time. If people didn't own that passion, we would own never seen a Michael Jordon or a Tony Hawk. If your foot are bleeding, though, you should see a doctor to find the cause, possible preventative measures, and I don`t know treatment if necessary.
3. If you hear voice, my first question would be, "Do you use drugs or alcohol?," because intoxication can explain hallucination. If you are having hallucination, and you're not using drugs, there are multiple different conditions that rationale hallicinations, including schizophrenia, bipolar mania, as capably as different neurological disorders to include seizure disorders, infections or common herd in the brain, etc. If you are audible range voices, please put in the picture your parents (if you are a minor) or tell your doctor. You obligation medical treatment as soon as possible.
very possibly.please hope professional help
Can I cooperate to your other personality? He is more fun than you.
Ok, first of adjectives, it's spelled schizophrenic.

Here's what you need to know, short and sweet:

You show signs of have trouble in social situations (with girlfriends, surrounded by your case) and you hear voices. Both signs of schizophrenia. See a doctor.
how thorny would it be for you not to do those things?

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