Advice needed?

I live above a retrded old distructive alarming drunk man,he is about 53 years out-of-date,he halucinate's he is in an agency who is supposed to minister to him and does nothing for him!! He is constantly drunk,he does not similar to me or my husband because my husband is black and i am puertorican,when he's sober he is decent and ok only ok to talk too..However he scream's yell's bang's and is sooo alarming!! He broke his own windows and blamed my husband who wasnt even home at the time,the police come and said the window looks close to its been broke from the inside out...ok very well his agency and case worker be notified and they cant do nil about him saw to call the cops we did they did nought either they said they couldnt take to mean him told him to calm and they not here!! He is still up bangin screaming and being distructive!! What surrounded by the hell am i supposed to do?.No one seems to do anything going on for this i have call crisis teams everyone what can i do.? PLEASE SOMEONE impart some sort of advice...

hi daily doll, are you in a rental situation where on earth you can get the proprietor in on this? if you do, ring up him. my heart goes out to that man who seem to have fall through our society's cracks, i so wish someone, anyone, would step within for this man.
but you too have the right to live within peace. is moving an option? if, call every social agency within your city and county. this man should be in supervised support. i wish you adjectives good luck!
ok i also have this kind of problem earlier. what i did was that i call the neighbourhood police and told them that i be vey disturbed wih my neighbours behaviour and powerfully they came over and everything is fine ever since.ok so thats it i hoped i help u wit your problem

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