Advice? I don't take hints very well hence offend people and friends?

I don't take people's cues very well. Like it is only looking back that I knew he was telling me he needs to hang up or she was telling me she wants to go in that shop or he wants to call it a day. When they were giving me the hints, I am too slow to take it and act on it. I think I offend my friends and acquantances. How do I become better at catching hints and reacting faster?

You know, sometimes you just have to rely on your friends trusting you to not deliberately offend. social cues are hard to pick up on and even harder to teach. if you work to keep the needs of others as a priority any social faux pas will be forgiven by those who know and love you.It might help you to discover why you have this awkwardness.I worked for a summer with a child who had mild aspergers syndrome and he reminded me of how much we in society look for those social cues. but he was the nicest kid when you got to know him. Lastly, get a trusted friend or family member to act like a life coach for a day. Maybe they would be able to give you some ideas and also show you where you really succeed.

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