Getting to sleep! zzz?

Whenever I am going somewhere exciting the next time, I can't sleep. Anything that might help me stop some zzz? Thanks

Sleep is one of those things that your body does by itself with little challenge however when we become excited or anxious our bodies continue to miss messages around itself via the brain. find a way to divert your focus from the impending event and give your brain somthing alternate to concord with, somthing flowing and repetative.
Reading with no other stimulus is habitually great, television not so great.
Also remember verbs back on things resembling caffeine and nicotine before resting and try fluent sedatives close to warm milk in the past bed.
Tylenol PM? lol :)

I have that problem too. Beats me! :)
Don't try to move about to bed early, that doesn't work. Just save your normal routine and I don`t know watch tv or listen to music as your falling asleep
Just try to relax. Don't try to force yourself into going to bed hasty. Maybe drink hot chocolate, some tea, or chocolate milk. Listen to music, or watch some TV while you are lay down.
See insomnia at on page 3.

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