Any solutions?

I just turned 22 and own been diagnosed beside a learning disability since I be a little kid. I figure that as time went by I would eventually out grow it and become a "everyday adult". Well it hasn't quite played out as I planned. I'm currently enrol at Oregon State University but I'm having a immensely tough time as I struggle greatly in memory, SPELLING, and communication. It is really starting to verbs me down. I come from a very successfully kith and kin and I'm VERY motivated. It's so hard when I can't get hold of a basic profession because of my awfully communication skills and poor writing ability. I quality like I'm letting my own flesh and blood down and more importantly MYSELF. If anyone has be in indistinguishable boat as me or has a polite knowledge on full-size learning disability please provide information on how I can run about overcoming this monster. Thanks

-A lost and confused individual

contact student services, they should own a solution for you, you are not the first college student with study disabilities
Have you tried occupational dream therapy resources? Your school's disability services should also be able to assist you.
You are at smallest a head of the hobby, you know you have a erudition disability. Now you just stipulation to get abet on how to work with it and what you can do to overcome it. Ask your student counselor at OSU for suggestion on programs that will assist you with your disability.
One of the worst point you are doing is worrying about what your is loved ones thinking. This pressure you are putting on yourself will make it worse NOT better. If your clan truly loves you, that should support you. I have know abundantly of people contained by your "boat" and one of the biggest keys to nouns at overcoming this obstacle is SUPPORT and expertise about how to correct it. Do adjectives that you can not to get down on yourself or assume what other population will say or construe, I know it's easier said than done, but it's crucial for your growth. When you start getting frustrated step back and nick some breaths to calm yourself and later go put a bet on to what you are doing. Again stressing will make anything worse. Talk to your household let them know how you're sensation and what's going on, so that they can be able to support you. Hiding it won't give support to either.
I hope this help.
The first thing I will utter is be PROUD of where you are, so various people (like myself) dont own the motivation to finish college or even go. The certainty that you worked hard through out lofty school contained by order to bring back into a 4 yr college is great.

After saying that to answer your interview there are steps you can cart for the retention of the things your learning (which seem to be your biggest concern). I would try talking to my domestic doctor, visiting your academy clinic or seeking out a phsychotrist about individual placed on a medication or starting a vitamin supplement to help beside concentration and memory problems.

The second thing is since you know your down falls, comunication and writing skills I would freshly practice and work harder at stregthening those things within your self. I know it sucks that you will hold to try harder than most at this but it will help. Maybe look into getting into a speech class for your oral communication and for the writing skill just keep hold of practicing hard at shooting up that.. def try talking to your doc and see what suggestions they might hold or even resources they can offer you to enhance those things you are undersupplied at.

You def incourage me though so please dont give up and maintain that motivation strong.

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