Does depression own a purpose?

When a person is within a state of depression does it have any survival control? Perhaps greater introspection leads to greater perception of the individual's inner thoughts.

I say depression make an individual appreciate the "happy times". This provides contrast contained by life -- giving it more texture and colors. Can you imagine if you be always delighted? You would never know how good you own it unless you've experienced some "unhappy" times.
yes but keep surrounded by mind its hard to function and live duration while in this state, and contained by todays world you need to be a survivor. and maintain on going.
I believe it is like any sickness - it forces one to shift habits or environment.
that's crap. but, it is a shot at making something positive of some that's not positive. depresson is a hired gun. a chemical by product of out modern age. we see the world around us & ealizes there's litte hope. However, life is wirth the living! The merely purpose depression may hv is 2 suck the joy out of evey entity! Get over it!!
To some degree it serves a purpose, I regard, in that it's recurrently the result of stress and anxiety and thinking negatively, so it shows you that you need to alteration some things in your time. Severe depression however makes it impossible to redeploy things, you just draw from in deeper and deeper, so that doesn't serve a purpose.

You can be introspective lacking being depressed, btw.

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