About my appearance; Are here pro. judgers that sort out your purely on looks, and also more stuff, plz sustain...?

I am wondering if there is such point as a pro. appearance judger who can judge you purely on your looks. I know its bleak and i absolutely dislike intensely how that's how most of the ppl marry/fall in-love w/ someone (media provokes this too) but im getting so depressed over it. I know i look ugly (well im pretty sure), i only just don't know whats exactly wrong w/ me, and i want to find out and fix it by any ways peossible. I might be being a lil acerbic on myself, i might not, but i just NEED to know where on earth i stand like on a amount 1-10 or sumthin. I feel close to this is the only style i can be happy again. Already lost most of my friends from it and my self-esteem/ confidence is horrible. I enjoy (or at least had) a few girls that be friends, but im sure thats all they would want to be, if i can't fix these things, my depression will prolly worsen, dont suggest psychologist b/c i know this is the entity that is bothering me and i know this is the just thing that will take home me better, help please?

Quit putting so much focus on where on earth you are going wrong. Next, if you don't like putting so much stress on what you wear or how you look then don't. Quit trying to rush relationships, you aren't all set for one, painful and lonely as that may nouns. Take some time and learn to relish being yourself first. If you want to group people find something you really similar to and take a class next to other people who approaching what you do. Always remember there is nought wrong with you. You freshly don't do the same things everyone else does and or have visions the same track they do. It doesn't mean in attendance is something wrong with you. Just routine you aren't just close to everyone else, uncomfortable, but a honourable thing.
I know this sounds resembling something out of a Disney movie, but it's not appearance that really matters. You are unequivocally being intricate on yourself. I at times have thought to myself that I be ugly, but after a while, I put it down me, and it made me more confident, happier, and a better person. For example, vote someone is the most attractive guy in the complete world, but on the inside, he is a massive asshole. Nobody will want to hang out near him, no matter how obedient he looks. Just be yourself, ignore what other ancestors think more or less you (unless it's a good thought, afterwards focus on it!) and forget this whole judge thing. Nobody wants to be judged on looks. It's adjectives personality. That's what truly make the man. Hope this helped.

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