Does it ever come across approaching you forget time period of your go?

I got out of a 7 year relationship a year ago ( beside kids). And sometimes I feel as if it never happen, sometimes people put in the picture me things about it that I completly forgot something like, I try to think more or less good and fruitless times and the thoughts just don't come contained by,I do remember some but i feel similar to I should rememeber more I'm like that beside other things too, Once I even forgot a family contestant died. I get over things impressively quickly too and I ponder its because of this. Sometimes I feel resembling I'm living on auto pilot, don't get me wrong I'm pretty ecstatic with my vivacity, but when things happen it feel like I filch it in, but next lose it. Usually anything emotional, even relieved moments. Anyone else ever feel this track?

Jane I know how you feel, as matching thing happen to me, I believe a lot of it is cause by stress, and I have have a lot of that within my life, I be at my sisters wedding 15 years ago and the with the sole purpose reason I know I be there is because I hold photo's, I don't remember it at all. I also don't remember the date of my grandma's or my dad's deaths. If your relationship have very few "Shared Happy Memories" if in that were not deeply of "we" moments that you can look back on next to happy longing, then it is concrete to look back on it as member of you life, I regularly feel "detached", not from truth, but from people, I own no real stimulating connections to anyone besides my kids, no friends at all, I kid you not, and my kinfolk choose not to have anything to do near me, I have no-one to connect next to who shares and knows around my "history". Low grade depression can affect your memory as can a vitamin B defect. I must say though that I have Meninngococal Septicemia a few years ago and that has artificial my memory somewhat, but I find It is my short term memory, not long possession that is most artificial. Have you had any serious, or natural life threatening illnesses, in the end 10 years or so?.
Loneliness is also a huge contribute to this problem, you can be surrounded by people but still surface lonely if you don't feel connected to any of them surrounded by some way, probably a trip to the doctor, to rule out or treat depression, and the only other point I can offer is, Hugs, Tea and Sympathy.
Oh! Sweetheart, you are blessed. I'm so elated for you, and that's exactly should happen, you don't know how lucky you are, preserve up the good work.

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