Any males ever be diagnosed near Borderline Personality Disorder?

I am looking for men who have be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, or Depression, or Anxiety. My 'boyfriend' seem to have overwhelming symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder according to the document of symptoms from the NARSAD fact sheet, used to cogitate his 'problem' was depression but it seem to come and go to normally to be depression. He is not keen on psychoanalysis and psychologists, etc. after having one ask him if he would look in his father over Christmas when his father is dead and have been for lots years. I understand why he is not so trusting of it, but if anyone can lend me some counsel on what to say/do to help him see that he really requests therapy and that I'm not motto this just to try to control his enthusiasm that would be great. Especially if you've been treated or are surrounded by counseling and did not believe in it on the kick-off. Thanks so much in mortgage for your help and sharing your experience.

it is smaller quantity common surrounded by males but they do get it too.
articulate to him - be very compassionate - don't jump to conclusions - ask him how he is attitude - slowly introduce the idea of chitchat to someone (not necessarily a therapist) - just be caring and don't push.
but as for what the other guys said - don't take a step final from him - he doesn't need that - he requests you.
I used to have muly character disorder..But we are all fine very soon....Get the guy to a shrink...Be careful you may want to step fund a few paces from this guy.

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