Feelings of release?

I know I'm depressed, I don't take any medication since I don't even own the money for it. So I deal near my depression the way I can. Sometimes I only just can't deal at adjectives. For me it's not a light switch away and boom I'm better and at times at hand more severe them other times.
I just get the impression like my life span is going nowhere and just be aware of alone alot. I don't know what to do when I get to the point where on earth I no longer want to live cause of it. What should one do ?

1800 suicide suicide.org. agree to dogmicjoe@yahoo.com which is me.
Do something for someone else. Even if that person is within better shape (financially, physically) than you. You will not believe the difference it makes!
all right first of all whats wrong?? and you sount want to destroy yourself illbet your awesome and many ancestors will miss you try goin do something with your friends thats funa nd forget days gone by
Seek professional help and interweave groups that share with your problems.
all right,i think you should travel hang out beside your friends.
friends always enjoy a good method of cherring people up,dont administer up on life though,ok?
try going to the doctor and ask if here is any stronger medicine out in attendance for you to be un depressed,dont worry,it will adjectives work out,trust me,i was matching way till they give me some kind of pill,and i feel better the next afternoon.
OK - I, too, go thru this profusely.

Hang in nearby & find SOMETHING to live for! I know it's hard - I've imagined myself deceased & the world around me if I were.

I don't enjoy $$ to keep up my perscription, but if you step to the doctor about it, and the the doc know you don't own $$, insurance won't cover, etc., they should have sample to give you to concluding a while.

There are support groups around, too - look at going to a church. The pastor there can refer you to counseling & any support groups they may run thru the church.

Good luck, and please swing in within!
REALIZE Only U can make your natural life and your world happy. The ethnic group around us are just furniture some polite and some bad but you enjoy to understand that if you don't force yourself to be jubilant from within later you will ALWAYS have thoughts of hopelessness. You don't entail medication you need hobbies things you savour doing to get your mind of attitude bored and sad. You necessitate excersice...this is a natural anti depressant...you want positive friends...U need purpose...Once you start giving yourself more attention you will realize that it be all surrounded by your head. Cuz I be there done that
One piece that most people don't realize is that depression does to you what you tolerate it. When you either 1) allow things to bother you so much they eventually start to control you, 2) you dwell on problems so much that they eventually become adjectives you think in the order of, 3) Think or talk roughly speaking your problems so much they become all you know and become much worse surrounded by your mind than they acutally are, 4) feel sorry for yourself cuz petty things contained by your life do not step your way. Too masses people voice they are "depressed" when in actuality, they are really just bored next to their current lifestyle. So change. It's that simple. Do what you right to be heard you're gonna do. Don't hang around culture who complain all the time. Join a group, they're free and they contain populace who go thru alike things you're going thru and most important, focus on GOOD things within your life because they do exsist. I used to volunteer at Childrens Hospital and what put me contained by my place was audible range a 11 yr old girl dying of Leukemia voice "But I know my life is perfect cuz people love me". Kinda complex to pitty yourself after hearing that, wouldn't ya consider? If you're bummed, do something about it. Don't rely on others to solve your problems or simply skulk for them to go away, be proactive and traffic with your natural life, live your life and embrace your time cuz once it's gone, it's gone forever, that's it. Is THIS how you want to end it? Lonely and self loathing?
I've suffered from severe depression for masses years, I know the unbearable headache of loneliness and my life is far from unfaultable. However, I'm pleased to say I'm doing much better at the moment. It may be impossible to believe, but what you are going through is temporary, so please don't do anything stupid.

Try and take a copy of 'How to lift depression fast' by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell. Its a crappy title I know, but its a really perfect, no nonsense book. It doesn't talk down to like so abundant other self-help guides. Half the book explains the causes of depression and the partner explains how to deal near it. Helped me a lot.

I'm also a great believer within guerrilla tactics. By this I denote, taking your surroundings and using them to your advantage. If you find yourself staring disappearance in the frontage, give him the finger. Or, if vivacity gives you lemons, build a catapult. Use this shitty time surrounded by your life to build yourself stronger. You have the potential to be an amazing human mortal. See it through. Its worth it.

Remember there is other hope. You are not alone.

often times i craving i wasnt born at alll.i wouldnt have to sign out anyone behind.i hear ya
Dear Zombie Lust, You can nickname a mental health clinic or a regular clinic for support with meds. I used to discern up, then opening dark...sucked big time. But, I purloin Paxil , and I'm so much better. My dark times still try to creep their little shocking grim reaper heads contained by, but their visit is short...And not as long. Think around it. You are not alone and may feel closer to us cyberspace unnamed people..I'm Linda...but alot of truly share your distress.hugs to ya oooooooo
You should try to find free clinics. They might be in the phone book. Otherwise reach a deal to your doctor about person depressed and not having adequate money for meds. I'm sure your doctor will know what to do
FAQ on Heaven and Hell
Zafar Khan

Question:Who will go to Hell and who will enter Paradise

Answer:The Prophet said one statement and I said another. The Prophet said "Whoever dies while still invoking anything bar Allah as a rival to Allah, will enter Hell (Fire)." And I said, "Whoever dies without invoking anything as a rival to Allah, will enter Paradise." - Sahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 24.

Question: For whom is Hell Forbidden

Answer: The Prophet (saws) said, "If anybody comes on the Day of Resurrection who have said: La ilaha illal-lah, sincerely, with the intention to win Allah's Pleasure, Allah will produce the Hell-Fire forbidden for him." - Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Number 431

Here we should note that when a soul is sincere, he follows what Allah has revealed, and he is other on the right path. Obviously when a party is on right path, he would be rewarded next to Paradise.

Question: Isnt it that Muslims who do not obey Allah will remain contained by Hell for some days then they will Enter Paradise?

Answer: No it is not so. This is clear from this hadith: The Prophet; said, "The relatives of Paradise will enter Paradise, and the people of the (Hell) Fire will enter the (Hell) Fire: later a call-maker will get up (and craft an announcement) among them, 'O the people of the (Hell) Fire! No destruction anymore ! And O people of Paradise! No demise (anymore) but Eternity." - Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Number 552.

No where are in attendance any other hadiths or any verse contained by Quran, which say that Muslims will surely enter Jannah (paradise).

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