Any one know about A.D.D.-i call it focus order-ever heard more than 1 kind?I'm ring of fire-instant thinking

Im 165 IQ and whatever I focus on if i have talent in that area I will excell and not quit.

If I am focused on a rose and the whole world blows up-I am a happy camper the rose is ok!

yet I love Jesus heart and soul and live every day helping people who each has a unique gift and is precious to Jesus.

well did you know that there is at least 6 different types of ADD. and that for many types mine included-this works for me=omega 3 cold water fish oil gel 1000 mg tabs with high epa, taken with a good oil like natural peanut butter or olive oil to help it break down in the system and be absorbed helps stablize them rather than addict them to a prescribed drug

other than that I like to focus on sharing my salvation and helping others get saved=prayer and salvation the key to the more abundand life=John chapters 3&10.
WELL do you know there is more than one kind of A.D.D.?

I know there are several types of ADD/ ADHD...
My son has combined AD/HD and Tourettes.

I am glad you are able to do so well and excell when you put your mind to it!

My son does , too! He also is very intelligent - All As / at times one B! He also loves spreading the word. He loves church and the new found faith he has!

Much luck to you ! :)

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