I am going to sound stupid but I try to be confident next to myself and sometimes it works but at others it completely falls through the floor and leaves me feeling depressed, approaching I can't do anything and I am not somebody in this world. I guess what I am trying to read aloud is, do you guys have any tips for me that you ruminate might work?

You need to own a more positive outlook on life. Life is other going to throw something unexpected at you. It's not what is thrown at you that matter it's how you handle the situation. Everyone is someone. There is other going to be someone who cares something like you. You need to focus on the worthy things in your time and not let the desperate things that are going to happen whether you close to it or not take control of the path you think. But it's okay to perceive sad sometimes. By the're only human.
Well to be exact how things go sometimes when your trying to have a feeling confident about yourself when you don't. It works sometimes and other times not so much. Just maintain doing what your doing and on the days you don't think it work, examine it and try to amount out why. Don't be so hard on yourself. Give yourself credit for polite stuff and leave the doomed to failure behind

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