How would I be in motion more or less curing myself of autism? I am pretty sure mine is the result of nurture, not moral fibre.?

I am a 22 year-old male, and as long as I can remember own had symptoms of autism. When I be little I saw a therapist because I didn't homily. I have other had a particularly high IQ rack up, am overwhelmed by social interaction, loud noises, be obsessed next to anime, etc. The usual stuff. I am majoring in computer science surrounded by college and am sick of being around other high-functioners. I can't stand them, they are slighting, and being around them solitary makes me lonlier. My parents are liberal, insincere children, teacher as professions, and I have NEVER told them "I love you." I hold never felt any attachment to them. I hold read about "refrigerator mothers" and it make perfect sense to me-- my father's a timid man lacking personality and my mother's a cold, anxious narcissist. My dad is just masculine and my mom is only just feminine. When I am around them I become nervous and depressed. I want to seize away from them and relive my childhood with unfurl, nurturing parents.

What to do?

You need to carry yourself to a therapist.

I don't know if you are autistic, but anyone would have need of a therapist contained by your situation.

You can't cure autism, it is a neurological difference. Many would argue that it is NOT a disorder, but a difference.

That being said, it is true that ethnic group who are autistic or have those tendency do have difficulty contained by social situations and can easily gain overwhelmed.

Usually colleges or university have some sympathetic of counseling or referral service. Go ASAP. There is no reason for you to suffer unnecessarily.
Wow! You are really intune near your mental faculties.
Is it an preference to go see another therapist/ psychologist & enlighten them what you mentioned here?
That seems resembling the best road to take, for any haphazard of recovery.

The cooperation below claims recovery is possible.
Check out this place - the Option Institute. They are within Massachusetts. They work with autistic those, and the son of the founders was cured of autism and is a trainer there. Perhaps they will hold some information for you.
We can chose our friends but not our family. Everything you hold told is extremely complicated. There is not evidence that refrigerator parents can cause autism. In certainty you will find evidence that contradicts this. Do you have brothers or sisters that also enjoy autism?

Whatever the cause - nearby is no looking back. Looking hindmost will not help you. You enjoy to find your own love and attachments. Look for friends and maybe a girlfriend.
You enjoy no complains. Read Mr. Vujicic's story, WWW.LIFEWITHOUTLIMBS.ORG. Besides, you can not choose your parents. Just thank God for what you have. Life on loam is short and uncertain. Jesus died on the Cross to redeem us and qualify us to Heaven. Heaven is wonderful beyond descriptions, eternal without bring to a close. Just come to Jesus with frank repentance and faith, and you will find hope, merriment, peace, and meaning for your natural life. Best wishes!
Are you sure you are autistic? Was your mother abusive to you contained by any kind of track? I think your inability to sermon as a child may have be a result of some kind of relationship beside your parents. Your mother may have done adjectives of the talking for you. I looked up some information for you and I found a great website: I construe it is one of the most comprehensive autism websites on the net. There is another form of autism call Asperger that you want to look up as well. The most inopportune thing something like all of this for you is that in that is not much help out nearby for adults with autism. Now, have said that, you really need to confront your parents more or less all of these atmosphere. It's time. Get it all out. Stop acting approaching your dad because you are still afraid of your mother. The reason I articulate that is because you enjoy some serious unresolved issues and you will not be able to verbs on with a full-bodied, productive life if you do not confront this point head-on. Your father is too passive to speak anything and your mother is probably going to play a victim role. The bottom file is that is not your problem. You are starting to certificate that you need to work on some things and you enjoy to start getting rid of the old and bring surrounded by the new. I would distinctly suggest some kind of counseling to support you move in the right direction. Also, if you are tired of one around high-functioning people next maybe the computer world is not for you. Why don't you find something fun to do? Are you pursuing this occupation because your parents pushed you into it? Find something more fun and interesting to do. Just because you have a illustrious IQ does not mean you are destined to be surrounded by some boring ***, high tech, geek pen. Live a little. Anyway, please look up the website. You are for a while too old to try to find nurturing loving parents. Maybe you can find individuals who would like to mentor you. One other suggestion, perchance there are support groups for adults next to autism. Good luck to you.
First of all I am extremely impressed next to your ability to express your mood. Often people next to Autism have a thorny time grasping the concepts associated with the "abstract" but are rare talent with "concrete".

Because of this, I cross-question if you are more Asperbergers Disorder than Autism. Persons Asperbergers Disorder are less content near their lack of social skills while those next to Autism are quite content near being alone.

Regardless, it sounds immensely much like you suffered seriously of emotional ill-treat from your parents. Of course you know you will never be able to "recapture" your childhood however near are many things you can do to overcome the invective you suffered.

I would suggest you engage within a support group for adult surviors of assault. There you will meet others next to a similars story and be able to urge yourself with practicing empathy and overcoming social anxiety. Also finding a analyst you feel comfortable beside and work on overcoming your childhood as well as role playing assorted social situations. Finally, there is other medication to help next to social anxiety, PTSD and depressive symptoms you may be dealing with.

Best of luck to you.

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