Anno its silly but...?

ok heres the question and b4 u read i know i am anyone totally paranoid but here goes, a while ago i be out with mate wen a guy came up bhind my friend he looked similar to he had blood on him, presently is there n e uncertainty tht i could catch something from this?my friend be wearin the kacket the otha day and i remember this. anno its totally odd but jst need reasurrance

Keep away from the Kacket and you' ll be fine :)
no not at adjectives you will be fine
I think you've answered your own cross-examine there mate!
i doubt it fundamentally much, its not stupid i cut myself on a wall in a club while out and i be sure i would catch something from it but i didn't and its adjectives good
No, you can't shut in anything.even if the blood did touch you, it would be a million to one, so put your mind at're Ok hun
You'll be fine .Ask your special needs carer on monday.
Anno? What does that be going to?? Do you mean "I know"?

I deliberate that you will be okay. But it's okay to be paranoid.
You will be fine!!
you should be fine just so long as the blood doesn't enter an unequivocal wound on your body, or come into contact with your own blood.
No you are worrying unnecessarily.Some empire can't help anyone paranoid ,as you put it ,no need to get the impression guilty about that.If it is within your make up in attendance is nothing you can do in the order of it.
You'll be fine. Stop worrying!!
I was asked this cross-question at work. Is it not the responsibility of all employer to notify their whole work force if they see a member have HIV. The reply was No. The basis being that Confidentiality is paramount, How would anyone know and finally why would they inevitability to know... If each personage takes the responsibility to check for unstop wounds, sores,cuts etc and ensure these are covered there is next no point of access. For any infection cross contamination etc.. So no it is highly unlikely that you could own caught something so stop worrying. However we meet lots of those so it is always easier to check ourselves to some extent than worry what others own..
You know deep down that at hand is absolutely no opening that you could have or would own caught anything from this guy. The problem is that you had this silly intrusive thought and you give it the time of day. As soon as you did that you told yourself here was a possibility it that nearby was a arbitrariness and now you're ruminating and enjoy become irrational. You know I'm right! Just stop...and move on :)
blood single lives outside the body for so long so i wouldnt worrry
Depends on if the blood was 'wet' and if it touched you anywhere you may enjoy an open would, mark or sore.

If you are really worried see a doctor.

Stop and think. Follow your own intuition. Did you come surrounded by direct contact with his blood? If so, see your doctor. Nothing can glibness your mind until you know.
not unless you lick it off him
If the blood did'nt bring back on you , or in any cut or cut , then you own nothing to worrie in the region of. I would'nt be worried, unless you mae actual contact with this character, & you had unfold wounds where he touched you.
approaching, get a disease? um simply if it mixed with YOUR bodily fluids.hope it didnt fitting luck
Everybody is right here, mate! The blood would have to enter an interested wound. I got to relay you all in the region of my husband's incident though. He was surrounded by a small-town bar beside his co-workers and they were goofing around. They picked him up over their head and dropped him, he skinning his elbow on the dirty wood floor. Of course I imagine he didn't reckon of washing it right away and finished up with staph infection on his elbow He get it treated right away, but that was startling for me. So stay off dirty barroom floors :)
The single way you could take in for questioning something is if the blood he had on him:

be infected
touched an open sore on you
hadn't dried (once blood dries, a virus dies)

I believe, even surrounded by one of those instances there's less than .1% opening of getting anything. But, I understand that you don't want to be within that .1%.

Seems like you're smoothly a bit paranoid, so to put your mind to rest, try to stop listening to those "chattering monkeys" within your head that say-so "something might be wrong" and get a theory test. Most likely, it'll show nought. But, then you'll rest assured.

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