Another poem. what do you deem? No mishandle please.?

Found this one today in one of my lil books.
It's curtailed, but i can't think of what to attach (despite writing it a while back), so i'll just show you very soon.

Don't blink, you'll miss me
Gone forever
No sudden moves,
I'll pull the trigger.
Move out the means of access, i'll let you stay
To fetch on this life.

Don't sponge, won't stop me,
Decision's made.
You snatch my gun
I'll use a blade.

This poems really wonderful, you have amazing talent your poems touch me within a way, i cant describe, they kinda speak my state of mind, well done, i truly imply that
you should do something with your poems compile a book conceivably
its kinda of sad, i don't want anyone to commit suicide even within poems :-(
deep and meaning-full, it sounds approaching you weren't very delighted when you wrote it. i hope your happier now and that's why you cant finish it.
It's a vastly chilling and foggy poem - it's good but lacks finish in someways because it ends on the reality that someone used a blade and is no longer around.

Obviously written during a dark spell in your time. or about someone who be going through a dark term.

I really don't know what to say- perhaps describing more of the story something about finding a buoyant or a safe haven a row out of the darkness and dread ??
It reminds me of some of my old, dark poetry that I used to write. I like this one too. You own a good course with words :)
im invisible cant you see
not a soul evr noticed me
im better out of adjectives the pain
inevitability some sunshine sick of rain
great love it
Well written and rather chilling - it effectively conveys resolution of someone whose mind is made up. Its unhappy and I hope it doesn't resemble reality
It really moved me, as I fully have a handle on the despair behind it. I've be there and still am at times.
Very in good health written. You have talent


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