A poem. what do you deduce? No treat roughly please?

Found this today in one of my lil books.

Can you see the tears i cry very soon?
Can you see the pain i've feel for years?
Have you finally opened your eyes to the world
And realised my fears?
Can you see very soon that there's no hope
For those like you and me?
We enjoy no destiny
We're just not intended to be.

sounds like me and my poems I write nouns pretty much the same it have meaning

As I fiction here with tears that trickle
like rainfall. I was once told that
precipitation was angels that cry for
race in agony. now I realize
that its not true explanation when I look
up no tears that fall for me angels
don't trouble

I am a dead angel something u never
want to see its so horrable to hear it cry
in affliction for the wings that where on earth so butiful r cut
and I am there bleeding u don't look my course
cause within the ugliest things u ever see
my hands r full of poison and my skin is red near
my blood plez do not stay do not listen to me
in distress it will not last long this cramp will sonn go away
and i will way of walking in hell next to the ones that fell
Makes remeber how i cried today when i heard around thierry henry.
very nice
Wow. That is a really great poem. I deduce it sums up what a lot of individuals may be feeling but it doesn't waffle on for ages. Its immensely to-the-point. I like it profoundly.
Sounds really sad - did you write this?
another great poem your expert
That's sad stuff, mate. You don't really touch you have no purpose, do you? Everyone does. But TRUST ME it's NEVER what you'd mull over it is. I've looked for my purpose for a long time and finally realized I"m here to spread confidense to those who surface alone. NO joke. That's why I'm so noninterventionist and compassionate. And It's helped alot of empire. Many at my school enjoy come to me when they felt hopeless and basically seeing the way I act in response to all the negativeity that's aimed at me, they find hope within it. Please don't feel worthless mate, you a short time ago gotta look at your life from a different perspective. It'll work wonders.
Benji...Realise is the correct spelling. Realize is an American bastardisation for individuals who can't understand diction.
It's fine. I wish I have the courage to say that to someone close to me...
Good poem and from the heart, and yes, realised is spelt correctly.
i resembling it alot.
Its good, but depressing too
No one should ever lose hope
Sometimes its adjectives that keeps some relatives going
thats a really nice poem u want to write a book on poems
Excellent. Best Ive read on here tonight.

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