I have have derealization(a form of anxiety that makes you get the impression like you're contained by a dream) for 6 months!I dont know what to do anymore!!my mom isn't helping,and I've tried everything!!(except med.)i dont feel alive!!i can't sleep or guzzle because nothing feel real to me.I have a feeling like i'd fairly be dead!! I'm 13!!I own been war a lot w/ my mom over this,but she keep saying its your failure!!go ahead!!build yourself miserable!!I dont want to do anything!!what should i do?I dont even know who I am anymore!!My heart is always race too.

first of all, embezzle some medicine, secondly, share your mom that it can't be your fault. It's not. third, i dream up you should plan 3 or 4 times everyday when you must eat. even if you don't quality hungry. like articulate at 9am, 12pm, 5pm, and 8pm everyday, make yourself devour. set times for everything, even if you don't feel close to you should do something like intake or sleeping, you should do it. even if it doesnt feel indisputable. tell your doctor adjectives these symptoms. therapy is a fitting idea too. i don't really know much going on for this. sorry.
You need to find a different Dr.
try medication. I hold it for depression and insomnia, it works! it's worth a try!
your so young, you really necessitate to see a doctor or therapist.you own your whole life span ahead of you.there are plenty of medication that could help if a psychoanalyst doesnt.
ur mom sounds evil dude.

get to a doc. even if you hold to go to one by yourself...

the road you described how you feel...you nouns like a zombie

turn to a doctor so you can get some relieve for your dream state or whatever.
you requirement to take medication to minister to with that problem. I used to hold AAD (accute anxiety dosorder) and I got frenzy attacks when it was time to budge to bed.
I know it's the weirdest thing ever and I used to suffer horribly. I never slept, ate, or anything. I looked close to the walking dead near huge dark circles lower than my eyes, I was adjectives and weak and totally miserable.
Then I took this medication that's giving of like a downer (a exceptionally light dose) to prevent my fearful system from freaking out, that way I couldn't go and get an anxiety attack.
It allowed me to sleep and within 2 weeks (I kid you not) I be weaned off the prescription and now I don't enjoy anxiety attacks anymore.
I know it was really strange but some type of drug like that can comfort you with your problem.
Sometimes meds are the answer, see your dr or try a topical one if he's not helping you..I had social anxiety disorder for years, I know it was crazy the agency I thought but i started takin paxil for about 1 1/2 year and 5 years subsequently im not on the meds anymore and im fine.. You need to do what is right for u. But if you own tried everything and its not helpin, meds might be your answer.
Why the resistance to drugs? When you get chemically inbalanced sometimes it take chemicals to straighten you out. You might also consider a psychologist. Going through life contained by a dream like state is fearsome and not really healthy.
I enjoy to tell you this, you requirement to go to a counsellor or a psychologist or doctor - if you only cannot snap out of this. Look try to make yourself procure up and do stuff. If you wallow surrounded by this you won't get better.
But if you cannot you want help. Teenagers repeatedly feel depression because you are have hormonal changes to your body which also can play on your emotion.
Feeling like you'd a bit be dead mode you could be depressed. You need relief. Get it soon.
Your mother believe it or not believes she is helping you. Snap out of it, could be just the point you need. Make yourself bring back up and do something. Walk , get out of the house, do something positive. Never mind nearly how you feel if you can.
You are too focused on how you surface. Now if you cannot do anything to help yourself, take help. You hold your whole vivacity ahead of you. Go swimming, play basketball, bike, walk, run, do something physical to oblige you get fund to square one. Or else get relief.
sounds like hysterics attacks with anxiety, you stipulation meds, why are you fighting it? see a doctor, i enjoy same thing , and meds relieve a great deal.
ok look perchance u think that but of late try to come down and let adjectives the peasure go away
Well you should be seeing a professional for this problem. You can come out of that state, of emotion like your life span is a dream, but it is going to take knotty work with a professional, and honesty. You are lone 13, and u have only entered your teen years. You hold a whole go waiting for you ahead of your self. So you are going to have to really work through this, and see some one that can give an account you why you are feeling this process. There is no magic mediation, or pill, so u can't relie on other taking medication for the answer, sometimes it has to come from you, and you enjoy to do the work, to get where on earth you want to be. And i am not saying inert neither. So go and wish some professional help, and receive these problems worked through.
Have you tried eating in good health foods? Food plays a big part within how our bodies function. If your not getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs ( chips, candy, pop and rime cream really dont have much nutritional utility, tho we do need them sometimes simply because it makes us have a feeling happy, but over doing next to the junk can grounds problems too) and it can sometimes cause mood change or even anxiety attacks. No one wants to hear it but drinking right can make you touch better. If you drink soda with caffeine that could conceivably make your heart see. Ive drank Mountain Dew at 7:00 pm and woke up at 3:00 am with my heart pounding. Not doing that anymore. In certainty, Ive cut down drastically after that incident and happy to enunciate I've had no more mood of my heart pounding in the middle of the darkness.Good luck!
First I think you should walk to the doctor or a psychitrist. This is a very tangible problem that needs to be taken safekeeping of. This feeling can be brought roughly by a variety of events and / or conditions:

Panic or anxiety attacks
Use of drugs such as cannabis or hallucinogens
Dissociative states brought on by traumatic events; stress
Borderline sense of self disorder
Meditation or excessive dwelling on the meaning of existence.
The stress from aggression with your mother could be the result in of this.
Some disorders have similar symptoms. Your physician might do some test to rule out the following disorders to establish a precise diagnosis.

Temporal Lobe Seizures
Atypical forms of migraine and headache
Panic disorder
Acute stress disorder
Drug use
Neurological disorder

Discontinue caffeine-containing products such as coffee, tea, colas, and Mountain Dew may also help near the symptoms.
You could also try a support group in your nouns. Try Positive thinking. Remind yourself that this is temporary and will endorse. The more anxious your thinking, the more dissociation you will get. Positive feedback may not get your dissociation go away but it can prevent it from getting worse.
- Pinch yourself, put away something, hold an ice cube, pilfer a shower - the feeling will remind you that you're extraordinarily much alive. Like above, it probably won't make the dissociation disappear but it help a lot.
- Laying down or relaxing surrounded by a dark nouns. Lots of light tend to make dissociation worse for some general public.
- See a medical professional. Sometimes they prescribe anti-psychotics for the derealization. Don't worry, it does NOT close-fisted you're psychotic, it just slows down the thoughts and brings you subsidise to reality.
Be merciful deralization is a chronic condition which means that once you draw from help the problem may come across to go away (remission) but it can other return.
Talk to someone who will listen in your people, friends or school. Your mother desires to be there for you during this time. You are infantile and can't go through this alone. Please bring back help!! God Bless you and worthy luck.
Your having anxiety and hysterics attacks, leaving your heart to see.

Your alive and not dying. It can trigger alot of reactions and reek havoc contained by the body. It is a release of a certain brain chemical triggered by any something you saw, heard, sugars such as sodas, ginger juices, candies etc and even by something your thinking give or take a few. It leaves you feeling uncontrolled like your dying or roughly to die, racing heart,cold sweaty hand and feet, large blood pressure, breathing difficulties, throat closing up and desperate to get out of the situation your contained by.

Many suffer with this condition including me.
Untreated it will drain you of drive leaving you restless, sleepless night, tired, worn life become dull and depression sits in. All that once expected something now channel nothing for you are too tired and freshly want out.

If your doing drugs other than what the M.D. have prescribed for you then stop it. If you prescription meds are given up the ghost have mom lift you back to the doctor.

Meanwhile, you will want to gain control of your life pay for by starting to exercise when you start feeling close to it is starting to raise it;s repugnant head. Find a track and start walking to music for 3 miles. Do some push ups, situps, tire yourself out and it also controls the chemical to be precise being released. It is like peas in a pod chemical that causes you to row or flight when you are in peril. For some reason or another your brain is releasing it when it shouldn't be. Not a big contract you just want to retrain it,getting it back to functioning typically again.

Stay off the sugary foods and start drinking healther. If your a snacker and crave sweets try diabetic cookies,angel food cake, things like that for awhile till you can return with back on track.

Try making smoothies within a blender with crushed rime, frozen vanilla yogurt, 1/2 banana, large teaspoon of peanut butter and attach enough milk to engineer it a thick shake and not to fine.
If you have fresh strawberries you can add on them in as resourcefully without the green stems.

Start taking vitamins you'll want these. Eat breakfast when you get up even if it is a perfect quality breakfast banister and smoothie. Try toasted bagels with cream cheese.
Drink plenty of H2O (water throughout the day)

Lay down on your hindmost and start breathing learning what it feel like to relax . Taking within several slow deep breaths and permit it out while thinking of walking along a secluded seaside, as the aqua blue green waters topped with white foam rushes up to assemble your feet. As you look nearly you can hear the sounds of seagulls soaring and the coolness of the ocean saline hit your face, use your imagination. Put on soothing music or find a Cd with those sounds on it to sustain get your mind within.

You must practice breathing so when it starts to well up you can ensnare it before it get out of hand.

Breathing too fast- breath surrounded by a paper lunch daypack to help slow it down.

Cafinated products can trigger this as very well so no coffee or mt.dews drinks.

Take back control of your energy and start living again. You are the main being in charge of your robustness. Mom just is frustrated and doesn't know what to do to comfort so don't fight near her about it.

Get surrounded by a sport program like swimming or war arts if your mom approves. This helps contained by so many ways as to giving and building your confidence and feature of life.

Seek out a obedient Bible teaching church which have teens your age and get involved within their activties. They get together adjectives the time in fun.

Find out your contribution and build on that. It could be break dancing, art, music, revise a new instrument to play, step online and do research on things that can be done, change your pelt style, lift weights, do track breed new friends. There is so much to do and not plenty hours in lifetime to do them.

Enjoy time and don't sweat the small things. Learn to take control of it and not it of you my friend!

May God Bless and Keep You surrounded by His Care!
you really ought to try medication. we KNOW now that mental condition is BIOLOGICAL in temperament! there is not shame or loss of composure to be had aboue taking medication to minister to you manage symptoms.

would you report to someone with diabetes not to whip the insulin they need? would you relay a heart failure lenient NOT to take medication & just survive it themselves? just to "win over it?" mental illness is the SAME THING. agree to a doctor, get some outside help out.
Ah yes!! It took me a few decades to figue out what was wrong near me. Before that, I lived like nervious chichiuaua, knowing I didn't consistency right, just didn't know why. And I've have my fill of those dreamlike episodes! Those can SUCK! I own generalized anxiety disorder..I get over wound, over nervious, over reactive..Then depressed. I would get the impression as everything is surreal, then procure panic attacks thinkin' nearly it! What a vicious cycle. There were days I could sleep my light of day ,away and others when I felt sleep wasn't basic. I lost weight, later would gain. My heart would pound, I thought I was merely going to go crazy, do something nutty...paranoia...Sound adapted. I thought the doc would hear me out, then bring within the straight jacket. But, no.. I'm on antidepressents, and fill pretty everyday, much calmer..happier. Lexipro is accurate, and so is Paxil. I know young teens hold to be monitered because sometimes the meds make them discern depressed. Talk to mom. Get on the net, research, fathom out..You are not alone..Just read the answer pages on mental strength. It's a mood disorder caused by the get the impression good stuff(seratonin) not flowing to our brain properly. That's adjectives. E mail me, near mom's permission if you or her own ant questions...Signed..Been There! Cyberspace hugs to ya! oooo

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