Am I the merely one?

I cut myself, and I need some support if near is any out there. I mull over I'm the only one. when I seize really angry or upset I cut, I'm working on fixing it but if there is someone who have a positive similar experience please let me know in attendance is hope!

im only 13. but i self damage as wel. cutting and scratch and taking pills. i can not cope with my dpression anymore so i spoken to some one. u r not alone.when i verbalize about it it can carry very upsetting but afterwards i quality much better. TALK TALK TALK. TAlk to some one that u can trust but dont make your self get the impression even worse. if u think it may explanation i problem t o talk to some1 or u r not up for taling try writing it much easier. PLs stop your self-harm it is awfully addictive and bad
you probably cant see it immediately but the truth There 's hope otherwise the whole world is died.THERE's HOPE
it freshly depends on do u want it or not
This is something that is not singular.It is a form of depression.TALK TO YOUR FAMILY Dr. and GET A RECOMMENDATION.
i personally hold never cut i know a lot who do though. I do know what it is resembling to feel alone but you own to pull through nearby are plenty of people who diligence about you i know. you merely need to look at things the right opening and you will see there is HOPE and folks are there for you if you have need of someone to talk to im here i apprehend a lot from expierencing it first paw (im not the best speller lol) my e-mail is if you ever need to natter dont worry COMPLETELY OPTIONAL lol
You are not alone. I used to cut and bite myself, I own not for about 6 weeks. It is apt that you are trying to fix it, you are strong. It is very not easy to stop, I know, but you just involve to take sooner or later at a time. Feel free to email me:


Good luck!

your the only one. You useless crazy lowlife.
Yes in attendance is help, and no you are far from one the only being that cuts. It is a bad coping skill, and you requirement to go and articulate to a professional, and get to the problem that is to say making you so upset or angry. And they will give you latest coping skills. It will take time, but if you really work next to them , and really work hard , u can seize over it.
i used to, and sometimes still do, cut and it is actually relatively common, you are not alone. i be really surprised to find out how many family at my school cut themselves and it be quite an eye-opener for me. i fathom out how you feel, but adjectives is wrong and the scars are particularly hard to put by and it can get you into sticky situations where on earth you have to falsehood a lot to everyone. i concede i have not on the other hand had the courage to do this myself, but you really should want help. if your parents are supportive or you hold older siblings/cousins etc who would work out you could tell them and ask if they could assist you stop. personally i hold not told my parents because i'm not close to them and i don't feel that they would deduce or be able to relief. close friends can be very supportive and probably smaller quantity likely to settle you or be as shocked as an adult would be. or you could collaborate to a teacher at your arts school, but don't forget that they might have rules more or less reporting self harm to your parents. if you are brave plenty, the best thing to do is see your doctor who can refer you to someone who specialises surrounded by helping people who self spoil and can help you. i know you can win through this, just be strong and believe contained by yourself. please seek facilitate because it just get worse if you don't .Good luck, God bless. xxx
my cousin use to cut himself on the arm i told him to think positive thought u know when u return with angry try taking a walk or writing a poem give or take a few how u feel

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