A press something like bipolar and avoidance during a depressive episode?

My BF is long distance and is diagnosed as very bipolar (he's on meds). he only just went through a traumatic stress (friend tried to commit suicide) and he's gone into a depressive episode. He have been avoiding adjectives of my phone calls and e-mails... except i reckon he's talking to lots new girls on his social network page. Recently, he sent me an e-mail saying that he doesn't know what's going on and he misses me. He needed to know if I was seeing someone else. I said I wasn't.. he said he wasn't and he's be very doleful... then he started avoiding me again. I don't think through bipolar at all. During a severe depressive state, would someone slight the people they are close to and own random chats next to strangers? Please answer only if you construe bipolar... I am too confused already. Thanks. :-)

A depressive episode is pretty much the same whether it's due to bipolar, cyclothymia, or some other flavor of mood disorder.

Social interaction during depression can come across pretty weird to family around the depressed person. My mother could be overpoweringly subdued by her depression, then sparkling and cheery on the headset with someone, after under a cloud again. I thought this be strange until I began to suffer from depression myself. It's possible to ramp up for some interactions even when I'm sentiment suicidal, and I show how I really feel lone to people I am close to.

There are probably heaps reasons why this could begin, and no one can speak for your boyfriend better than he can. You stipulation to talk to him almost how this situation seems to you so that he know what your feelings are. He may not be capable of change the certainty that he has more vivacity for strangers than he does for someone who loves him, but together you may be able to come to an comprehension about why this bothers you and what he can do to reassure you.

Loving someone beside a mood disorder means doing more to generate the relationship work than is probably true for most couples. Doing so long-distance is especially hard. The two of you obligation to communicate well, and that's complicated to do when you can't actually be face-to-face.

You both enjoy my best wishes.
you might have to hospitalize him for a couple of weeks
I own it too. There were times when I wouldn't collaborate to family or friends, and I'd stay completely withdrawn and do zilch but think by myself.
It's easier to collaborate to people you hold no connection near in indisputable life, because you can a moment ago leave them and not a soul will care.
But you don't want to mess up material life, so you stay withdrawn from home and friends often to avoid hurting them, or because you own no interest in them, even though you still love them and want to own an interest. It's all a chemical inconsistency in the mind that you can't control.
It's terribly normal for this to arise and you should stay supportive to your boyfriend, he needs to know he's loved. :)
They ususally cancel from everyone...friends and strangers.

Do you know FOR SURE that he is talking to these other girls or is it of late something you suspect because he hasn't been conversation to you?
i myself am bipolar he probably doesn't feel close to talking to anyone or seeing anyone and the race over the net economically i do the same entry...it might be that he likes conversation to them cause later you can say what ever and it wont favourite place you for ever. but keep trying to do something near him cause my psychiatric therapist told me that when your depressed the worse thing you can be doing is man alone and ignoring others and in recent times staying at home.
Bipolar disorder is he Dr. Jackal and Mr Hyde of disorders. Having a relationship with someone struggling beside this disorder is difficult and heart breaking at best. It could be that your friend doesn't want to burden you with his wide dark thoughts during this difficult term and prefers to connect with strangers. Give him time and space to attain himself out of this period. If he is on medication, he without a doubt takes thought of his issues. Please be sure you understand nearly Bipolar Disorder before you catch too attached to this man. It is incredibly difficult to live with someone who is so up and down. Do research on the web and read up on the symptoms to see if you could sustain a long term "close by" relationship.
Nobody have to be hospitalized, first of all until docto recomeds it. Usually surrounded by depressive state, we BP, want to talk to relations we love or people who craft us feel out of danger. Not to strangers. There is something else why he behaves close to that!! Talk to his family, or try to homily to him about what is going on!!
I don't know you or your boyfriend, but I do know bipolar. My answer is incredibly clear. Get a new boyfriend. If he is already on meds, he is never going to be someone who you can depend upon. He will other be confused. One day, he is adjectives you ever hoped for, the next, the one you wish would disappear. You sound childish so...as a mother of one who is bipolar, a manic cycle will deplete your soul, maybe your money, anything dreams you have. The depressive slice, if he has them, will drag you down into hell. And no, they don't enjoy random chats beside strangers when they're depressed. They stay inside, hide from everyone, and I do be going to everyone. Be kind to yourself. Start over.

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