Am I overreacting?

I first took this joke quiz online and it said I have a borderling personality disorder. Then i started taking these more serious quizzes on lyk medical type websites. They also said I have a borderline personality disorder. What is that?? I've thought roughly speaking suicide, but not ever carried out with anything a moment ago kind of cried and thought. I don't cut or anything any! Thought about it but I havent done it! Are thoughts of inflicting apin on yourself element of a borderline personality disorder?? Am I over react, or should I go to a doctor?? I'm really freaking out!! Please support?

you're a girl. you're programmed to overreact. don't sweat it.
Here, have some prozac.
i deliberate you should go see a doctor, it might relief you a lot.
yes , you should only not take them, somtimes thoose are scames
Talk to a doctor.
relax its merely online quizzes! but toput your mind at rest go see a doctor.

perfect luck

and besides a crazy person wouldn't deduce they are crazy!
It is also known as Bi-polor disorder.

You nouns like your regular, from the heart roller coaster of a person to me. Sounds resembling me.


P.S. Take this <Hands you a chill pill>
it cant hurt to go to a doctor but if you dont ever if truth be told go through next to any depressing thoughts that you have next you should be ok. You might want to go to a counsler though to try and stop the suicidal thoughts. If they arent normally though it doesnt really sound similar to a big deal.
I do surmise you are over reacting. Those test aren't a perfect diagnosis. If you really own concerns, see a doctor.
First of all, if you really are that worried, next yes go see a doctor. But conceivably you're just thinking around this too hard. Maybe you're cause yourself to have a disorder.
ur fine they are stupid online assessment dont see a doctor u are perfect. however u r is however u are. No suicide at adjectives
First chill, the only disorder you own is gullibleism (a disease, that makes you believe everything you read online) this disease may hold been contracted by monkey poo. Have you be around monkey poo?
I think you should walk to a doctor. He/she might help.
most online test are meant to be taken insubstantially. they cannot diagnose you of any disease. only a dr can do that. but if you are have these thoughts, even though you have not done anything, you should clearly see someone ASAP. tell someone you can trust and turn get sustain. usually these feelings elapse over time (they are pretty common within teenagers) but dont take it insubstantially if this is something you seriously are spending hours on.
Don't take it distasteful but if your thinking of taking your own life you do really involve to speak to some one like a shrink, in that are usuall free call numbers you can phone and chitchat but see as i dont know where your from i couldn't administer reference...sorry and dutiful luck...hold in nearby
what?! dont worry! theres zilch wrong with you unless theres someting wrong next to a lot of other those too. I'm always crying and contemplating suicide but i never even acquire close to doing it... ive more often thought in the region of running away. If it will make you grain better then i would budge and see your doctor. I really wouldnt take it seriously. Good luck x
Have you ever watch a commercial and saw something about a disease and thought oh my god, I enjoy all them symptoms.. resourcefully eveyone does that.. girls do anyway
My point is that them quizes are not accurate.. If you had something wrong next to you, you would know it..
Do you have a problem getting along near other people? Do you enjoy depression? Anxiety? Ect.. These things usually come along with borderline self..
You will know if something is wrong.. If you have any solid symptoms or others have told you to seize help later, talk to a doctor, but except that dont listen to the quizzes..
First of all stay away from those on smudge test, secondly if you discern that you need to address to a doctor for depression etc. then you should fashion an apt.. Those test are adjectives geared to try to sell you something contained by the end.
Hey... relax.

First of adjectives... if you think that you are mentally unstable, after good for you for trying to fix it very soon. See... you are pretty normal, purely by doing that.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, maybe you should see a doctor and in recent times be honest. There is no shame trying to see if you can be healthier.

its totally majority for people to wonder going on for themselves if they read something like that roughly themselves... but in adjectives actuality, if you have thought going on for suicide before, conceivably you should come to terms next to WHY, and fix THAT first.

Life is always worth living, sweetie... you own to understand THAt first. Surround yourself beside positive people... hold your pave the way up around those that get you down, and know that your nature is what YOU make of it.

You will do economically and you will be fine... Dont dwell on what you dont like... fix it and spawn it better... make it HEALTHIER.
look nearby is nothing wrong man mentally ill as long as your taking medication for it I'm a bipolar i transport my medication daily and I'm fine turn see a doctor
If you really were bipolar, someone would enjoy sent you to a doctor by now. Bipolar associates have extreme mood swings, going from super-happy and cheerful to angry, impatient or indifferent in seconds. They're usually difficult to treaty with for others because of their indecorous reactions to indubitable situations. I'm pretty sure you don't have it, because I'm assuming your parents would enjoy taken you to a doctor if you did. Also, there's no reason to dance see a doctor about it. Bipolar disease can't be diagnosed next to one visit. The diagnosis is usually base on behavioral patterns described by home members and friends (the patients themselves don't muse they're overreacting). And if your family doesn't mull over you're totally off the wall, later no reason to verbs.

Please don't believe those quizzes. They just want you to wages cash for a "full-length professional analysis".
The opening world is today, we all own a personality disorder, but if you want to inflict affliction on yourself or others, you probably should see a doctor. You don't mention your age, but if you are a teen, please confide your feelings to someone you trust and tolerate them help you. As a mom, I would want to know how my child be feeling. I consider a physical wouldn't hurt and I'd advise that you preserve a daily magazine of your feelings. Good luck.
Every Psych student taking Abnormal Psychology diagnoses themselves as Insane.

Being you are THINKING this might be Abnormal say you are Still FIRMLY Grounded in Sanity. Emotional Highs and Lows are Normal, so Don't Cut yourself- it doesn't Solve anything, Hurts, is Messy, and can attain Infected.

If your Emotions Bother you, or make it Hard to Function, see Someone: a Councilor, Doctor, Clergy, or whoever you Trust.

STAY OFF those Websites! Be Yourself surrounded by the way Only You know the Way to Be!
Don't verbs; I happen to be an expert on psyche disorders. Borderline Personality Disorder, sometimes call BPD, is a psychological condition in which the tolerant views things contained by a "black and white" fashion. For example, if something, such as a burger, doesn't necessarily fondness good, after a BPD patient would automatically assume that it taste bad, or even horrible. Basically, patients of BPD tend to merely views things surrounded by oppositional terms. You should just go to a doctor if you consistency the need is neccessary. I hope this is thoughtful to you.
those quizes are jokes, relax.
Well first rotten...I wouldn't take those quizzes too seriously. However, you should thieve seriously the fact that you enjoy thought about suicide. I stingy, yes, most of us have have times where we hold all thought nearly suicide..However, if your life is at that stage, later you do need to gossip to someone! I would say, find a psychologist...You may not even inevitability medication..You could just call for to talk and own someone teach you some coping mechanism for when things get rough.
Don't Panic!

Included contained by my sources is a link to information on BPD. Read through it and see if you consistency the symptoms match and label your own discision on the online test diagnosis. Don't lug what the website or any website says as one the total truth.

If you see that you have plentifully in adjectives with a disorder you should probably turn talk to a doctor and win it confirmed.

With psychological disorders, knowing is half the conflict. If you know you have a disorder you can bring steps to adapt and function as a rule.

It's not the end of the world. If you do hold BPD, it is treatable and livable.

Take care of yourself and don't verbs yourself sick. In the end energy will go on, and even if you enjoy a disorder the sun's still going to rise tomorrow.
go see a dr.

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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