Calling adjectives doctors can you facilitate? can you recommend an alternative antidepressant?

I took seroxat for many years and later developed dry mouth. I switched to citalopram but my dry mouth is getting worse!! Is there such a entry as an antidepressant that does not cause dry mouth or is the just answer to come off! I'm desperate for facilitate!!

I'm not a Doctor. The best thing would be to dance back to your Doctors and they can prescribe you something else. I bear Sertroline and haven't had any problem next to it but medication effects different people contained by different ways. Taking medication can help near the symtoms but not the cause. You really involve to talk to a psychiatric therapist who can help find your core issues that might be causeing the depression. I enjoy anxiety and depression and having be trying an alternative therapy call Emotional Freedom Technique and it has really worked for me and help me a lot. Since using it I own been thought a lot better. It's totally good at getting rid of adjectives kinds of denial emotions and dealing next to all kind of issues quickly. It does nouns bizarre but does work. Might be something that can help you.
CAlling adjectives doctors?...I think doctors would a bit be making money in the bureau than gaining points on
haha GO to a doctor,how can u trust doesn`t matter what ppl is sayin on here?!u dont kno who the fook they r!
Every thing can impose dry mouth. check out labels on guaranteed pain killer and items you can find in the drug store. within are millions of side effects to everything you take. Its a short time ago how your body decides to act in response to the certain drugs. So you be taking Paxil and Celexa. I believe that they are both SSRI's. You could try Zoloft. I was on it and it help the only item is if you are a woman it makes you gain solidity. I had some other things too but Zoloft is a wonderful drug! lots of ancestors have great sucess beside it. Another one is Cymbalta I am currently on it right now. I am have really good results from it. so only talk to your doctor and you will a short time ago have to switch again...angelic luck!
Dry mouth is a very adjectives symptom of many medication including anti depressants. If you think around it dry mouth while taking the medication is not nearly as bad as what you may experience lacking the medication at all. There are masses saliva substitutes available over the counter if the dry mouth really takes it toll.

Good luck and rob care of you!
Go to "alternative medicine" . These things really work. take time & patience...
The one and only answer you should take any perceive of is from John M. He summed it up perfectly!!
Ive be dealing with a few problems myself over the years and the doctor give me anti depressants i took them 4 a bit but i found that they made me feel worse i be sad depressed but freshly didn't have the get-up-and-go 2 get up and do anything so i took myself bad them ok I'm sad and low but i no wot I'm doing i would suggest herbal tablets similar to st johns wort if any and find a Hobie something 2 keep ur mind busy if ur still unsure walk bk 2 ur GP and tell them u would close to a change surrounded by medication don't just stop ur medication as u hold 2 wean ur self off them adjectives the best
This is a question others own asked before and found a solution. Depression is on this roll ...

Miriam wrote her story in 1997 and revised it surrounded by 2002.

Stress --> Hormone Imbalance --> "Health Issue"

In your paticular case the "form issue" is depression

Perhaps your source of stress is due to "worrying about things"

# # # This is from John Lee's December 2002 bargain a link to my pattern site and the complete talk

So when it become fat it starts making more oestrogen. Over here any excessive calorie intake will do it, but the big one is impair liver function. Now when I wrote this I was thinking of cirrhosis impair liver function or people beside hepatitis C but the more I look into it I discover impaired liver function is particularly common surrounded by our society. And we make it worse by taking drugs that stop the liver from person able to do it's work within the business of getting oestrogen out of the system, metabolising oestrogen. 2#15:15

I mentioned the P450 system in the liver, in good health guess what? Prozac stops the P450 system from working. So someone has oestrogen dominance, they hold depression, they have headache, they are not doing well, they can't tolerate stress, they progress to the doctor. They go to the doctor and he puts them on Prozac. That increases their oestrogen dominance, they can't excrete their own oestrogen. So here we enjoy impaired liver function. Yeah, we do enjoy people who drink too much but if truth be told the liver does pretty well next to that. But if you have Prozac you're undermined, you can't do that. 2#15:50

# # #

Perhaps other anti-depressants do similar things to the liver. I don't know, that is a research project for someone else.

As a preliminary do the on dash hormone tests at or

If as I suspect they recommend you attain hormones please have a saliva audition done see or A saliva test will check out influential hormones something that blood tests do not.

If a hormone is suggested by the saliva interview please take the dose suggested for you. Size 10 shoes are not twice as pious if you have size 5 foot.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) uses saliva tests.

A transcript of a John Lee discuss

I have transcribed John Lee's December 2002 & &June 2003 parley

Any of these talks explain why for stirring hormone levels a blood testing is worthless. Blood tests find hormones, but they are the ones on their road out of the body. They are not the active hormones.

Search the trellis for "natural progesterone depression" and you will find tons pages read and meticulously select.

Natural progesterone means innate to humans i.e. identical to that produced by the human body.

For a angelic explanation of how vital pure progesterone is to humans see
and other pages on this site

Wild yam is that Wild Yam the body will not convert it to progesterone. Also do not steal fake/synthetic progesterone/progestins manufactured by the drug companies they will be of NO benefit.

After having done a saliva assessment any progesterone you buy must be natural progesterone USP. USP system United States Pharmacopoeia.

There is a list of doctors at who are aware of the benefits of instinctive progesterone they may be more helpful than your GP. You are more or less to educate your GP :-)

Hope this of benefit to you ... and brings a air of a smile
I feel for you, I hold been on both those tablets and prothiaden, but I STOPPED adjectives medication about 5 years ago and took up excercise and forced myself to do something around it. These pills were making me worse in truth.
I reckon you should come of them, I was on them for in the order of 7 years and they closed me of emotionally, I have honestly never feel better.
Speak to your doctor about little by little lowering your dosage, don't do what I did and just stopped straight away!
You do own to lower your doseage gradually, especailly if you haev be taking these family of medicine!
Good luck
I am no doctor and am only speaking from the perspective of someone who is depressed and have been tried on multiple medication. As one individual said, just more or less any of the medications can grounds dry mouth, one really does not know how they will be affected until they try.

I own been on Prozac and Zoloft which be well tolerated, but didn't control my depression. I be also on Effexor but had some side effects from that as all right. My doctors have tried varied combinations and currently I am on Welbutron, Vivactil (which is not well known) and Lamictal. Two other medication that I take to augment them are Synthroid and Dexedrine. That combination seem to be working better for me. Dexedrine in larger dosages does variety my mouth dryer.

I have also undergone ElectroShock Therapy which did not benefit me at adjectives. BUUUUUUUUT I have see some people who be very depressed really responded powerfully - dramatic in reality.

I have be under a psychiatrists thoroughness for over 12 years now. It have taken almost that long to find a combination that showed some promise. I tried at first going through my family doctor, but my situation be too complicated. If you do not feel your doctor is helping you within this area, ask for a referral or verbs of care.

From how it sounds at hand are still a lot of medication out there that you could try. Ask the doctor if he have any samples of the tentative medications that he prescribes for you. Pharmacy reps usually depart samples near the doctors that can be used on a trial basis or when nearby are cost considerations.

One of the important things is of late to keep on trying. I know it can be frustrating, sometimes fear-provoking and expensive but your happiness and peace of mind is worth it.

You sound out as to whether you should go bad of your medication. That is a decision that you stipulation to discuss with your doctor and do so beneath his supervision. Abruptly quiting taking some of these medications can motive some real bleak adverse effects. So, be safe.

Take exactness I hope this is helpful.

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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