Am i a schizophrenic? some times i draw from unexpected thoughts and imagination?

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What is schizophrenia? As long as it doesn't impair you it's simply a state of mind. Nothing more.
Diagnosis is based on the self-reported experiences of the creature as well as abnormality in behavior reported by family unit members, friends or co-workers, followed by inferior signs observed by a psychiatrist, social worker, clinical psychologist or other clinician in a clinical assessment. There is a account of criteria that must be met for someone to be so diagnosed. These depend on both the presence and duration of certain signs and symptoms.

The mainstay of treatment for schizophrenia is an antipsychotic medication.These provide symptomatic nouns from the positive symptoms of psychosis. Most medications help yourself to around 7–14 days to have an antipsychotic effect but indirect symptomatic nouns may occur forthwith as insomnia and agitation are addressed by nonspecific drug effects or adjunctive benzodiazepine prescription.

The concept of a cure as such remains controversial, as there is no consensus on the definition, although some criteria for the remission of symptoms hold recently be suggested.The effectiveness of schizophrenia treatment is repeatedly assessed using standardized methods, one of the most common person the positive and negative syndrome degree (PANSS).As with plentiful chronic illnesses, aiming for management of symptoms and shooting up function is more achievable than a cure. Treatment be revolutionized in the mid 1950s near the development and introduction of chlorpromazine.
How are we to distinguish those near mental illness from those beside creative ideas? That seem to be the question. In days gone by thirty years it has be the custom of people contained by the United States not to admit associates for any form of mental illness unless they present a impair to themselves or others. No one should be placed in an institution unless they are one of those things. Institutions are not massively nice, no matter how correct they look. Someone is being placed contained by the power of someone else.
Many people are treated beside anti-psychotic medication. Some people I know own reported good effects and one have become quite successful. Some enjoy not fared so powerfully. The one who has also receive counseling. She may not follow everything, and why should she, but she weighs the counselor's view and has developed a trusting relationship.
Having strange thoughts are not so much a sign of schizophrenia as acting on those thoughts. If you can't enlighten your own thoughts from reality or your own thoughts front to bad judgment, consider psychoactive medication. If they are fantasies like a Joyce fresh, with oodles free associations, or a Dali painting that challenge your sense of reality and forces you out of the mundane, don't verbs; the key is acting on your thoughts. If unfolding your thoughts to other people is a problem, swot to keep your mouth closed. It's a fitting skill.
No. If you think chance you are not necessarily schizophrenic unless you act on those thoughts contained by a detrimental way. To me what constitutes schizophrenia is thoughts that are not your own. The little thought voice that you as a rule think near is not a "voice" that can be considered an hallucination. The "voice or "voices" (at times at hand may be a whole chorus of "voices") that constitute a schizophrenic illusion are distinctly "other"; that is here is no mistaking that they are not you as they come not at your will but most often as a surprise or even contrary to your will. They are normally hostile or critical; many times disingenuous.

What constitutes a "delusion" is the explanations one comes up with (often bizarre and untrue but at the moment the one and only explanation one can come up with) to explain these unwanted Voices and visions to yourself and others. One is so commonly so preoccupied with thinking going on for the "voices" and their meaning they become introverted and withdrawn.

Unless these conditions are adjectives , no I don't think you are schizophrenic.

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