How do citizens stay motivated to even live?

How do people stay motivated to live?I miserable how do most people stay positive?I exercise regularly ,used to be religious and eat wearing clothes.I have a ok relationship next to my family and enjoy friends.None of thats worked ,I don't care in the order of anyone myself included.I'm really bored of life theres nil to do.Theres really nothing to do,I can't even judge of why I bother living(not going to kill myself,a short time ago letting myself get really careless) close to why do people do anything?I've be to a mental health clinic a few times and they didn't support at all.They sent me away after every appointment next to no advice no medication, nothing.Like wtf adjectives I want is to be happy how is that so not easy?Please don't say pray or some crap similar to that and don't say collaborate to your family or friends I really don't approaching them,I would like to resembling them but I don't.I would be really surprised if anyone did have adjectives advice.Sorry for human being such a dick but I'm really getting pissed at life.

Answers:    you know that drugs or alcohol is not the answer.
The piece is - you are looking for that one big thing that will formulate you happy. Truthfully, it is adjectives of the small things in energy that will make you jolly.
I know you don't want to hear this, but start a gratitude journal.
Every morning, write in it a short time ago 3 things that you noticed that light of day that you are greatful for.
When I started mine, all I could write surrounded by it were things close to, I heard the birds sing today, or it be hot but not humid, but then I started to look for things and wrote them within my journal and realize as I went along that within are lot of things in this existence, even small things, that I am grateful for. And now it is a need and I see the good adjectives around me. Writing in the publication has help me to see the positive things in time.
And that is what you obligation to do.

We all want to be elated. But we make our own brightness and don't rely on others to provide it or make it arise. If you are happy when beside someone else then to be exact a bonus.

What the heck. You must be interested in something?

I am track older than you are and lots of awful things enjoy happened to me - release of those close to me, no work, no money, fire, theft, broken bones, you baptize it. Of course, I felt depressed contained by those situations, but I kept going and came through it. You own not even experienced one of these things. I just kept keepin on and eventually it get better and what helped me to save living was that I know in my heart that something better be around the corner. Sometimes that corner was 20 blocks away, but I come to the end of it and turned that corner. And in a minute I treasure every day because I know that something is going to arise today that will put a smile on my face and get me glad that I am alive.

force yourself to take some investigational courses, or try volunteering at a hospital (that will wake you up and clear you glad that it is not you and you are in a pious place believe me) or volunteer at an old age home.

ok, sorry for the long post. if you read this far.

virtuous luck to you and I hope I helped you some. You can other email me if you need to chitchat.
take guardianship
what do you like to do? read, write, play basketball, chortle, paint, woodwork, play guitar? try something new. see if that help. I stay happy most of the time explanation Ive been through ample to know that things can always be worse, and i savour everything more when i feel beaming. I know I am the only one who decide how I feel, so I of late make up my mind to soak up and laugh at myself alot. find some friends that you DO approaching and hang next to them.

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